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Physical strategy[edit source]

Word of warning: winning here may or may no be somewhat luck based, depending on how the final threshold pans out.

What you need, in precisely this order:

  • Buffer with light elemental buffs, Sylvie is the best choice because of other utility. Equip with Genji Shield for death resist.
  • Sacred Shield Charlotte for damage negation and taking, built as beefy as possible with decent elemental resists.
  • Healer with dualcast reraise. Enhanced Folka is the best choice because she can cast HP barriers among other things.
  • Breaker, either with evasion or decent health. Needs provoke. I used HT Lid, but Kryla would pan out equally well while covering elemental missions.
  • Two damage dealers with Safety Bit to negate death. Equip with Beast killers.

You'll need sources of dark/wind damage for the mission. All units need status protection and you must be able to protect against them as well. Break protection also helps. As noted, Sylvie and Folka cover all that. Build for high DEF and HP so at least your buffer, tank, and healer can take a shot from Vacuum Wave without dying.

Battle 1

With the setup above, this is simple. Go for your optimal rotation for the DPS, raising units as necessary. With decent damage, you should be able to kill him in under 9 turns.

Battle 2

Get reraise up on your DPS and maintain it at all times. It's a 1 in 3 chance you're losing one of them every time Vacuum Wave is cast, and it's really important they never miss a turn. Do the same for the breaker if you can.

Now for dealing with the rotation. Here's what to do prior to each turn.

  • Turn 1, provoke with the breaker, cast break protection. Not a very damaging turn, so your tank will soak up everything else.
  • Turn 2, break, cast ailment protection. Make sure reraise will save your units if Vacuum Wave hits.
  • Turn 3, provoke, cast light resistance, cast magic mitigation.
  • Turn 4, break, cast ailment protection if any unit lost it.

The thresholds are another story. Ideally, you want to trigger these on turn 2 of the rotation. This will force him to reset his rotation before the magic damage-over-time on turn 3. Make sure reraise is up, because you're going to suffer two then three hits of Vacuum Wave. One unit then two will be hit by ailments on the next round, so make sure provoke and ailment protection are up so your tank and breaker take the hit. Hopefully, the random ailment won't be confusion.

Now for the 20% threshold. Get as close to possible to this without crossing it, because you want to go as far over that line as you can when you're ready. Use your strongest attacks. Once he's cast Disorder, hopefully you can burn off the rest of his health in one shot. If not, get reraise up and pray your DPS and breaker only die once. Assuming that happens, you should be able to get the last of his health. Kryla and Lid both can long-cast limit bursts to count for the mission, assuming your DPS don't have that covered. 17:52, 31 August 2019 (UTC)