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My first attempt was a bit of a shambles, as there was no real info on the Wiki here at the time, so I bumbled & stumbled in regardless with the same team I had used against the 1* version, which was WoL, Mystea, Lunera, Lexa, Barbs. This actually just happened to be a team I already had setup for something else. No other reason for using Lex & Barbs - I usually do physical chainers. Note that a downside for Barbs would be her inherent -50% Light resist, although Lexa still tended to be the more squishy one.

Mystea only had 20% light resist, and it seemed most of the attacks were MAG Light based. WoL was actually the the most survivable team member, it seemed. Lunera was reasonably well buffing, and of course ensuring Barb & Lex didn't need to worry about MP issues. This team might have even worked if only Mystea had decent Light resist. It ended badly, by the way. Not only that, but just as I tapped the screen again the "Spend 100 Lapis" popped up... grrr!!! I would much rather spend my 100 Lapis on a full NRG refill, thanks.

So on to attempt #2 some hours later, with a little bit more info now on the Wiki. I now knew I needed to gear up Mystea with more Light resist, so assigned Carbuncle, plus equip light shield + Lustrous shield and a couple of other gears for 150% resist. The other tip I have is use Arc_Arcana, which gives you Waterga for the water goal (Lexa had the Dark damage covered with Darkga). Actually one other tip for Mystea: don't use her, use Shylt instead if you have him, for the stat reduction protection. You don't get hit with ailments here, but you do get hit with debuff, and that's the main difference between them I think - use Mystea for ailment protection, Shylt for stat protection.

The other changes I made for attempt #2, were LM Fina in for WoL (provoke tanking doesn't seem to do much here) and Roy in for Lunera. Now, my scatterbrained plan here was for Roy to take the breaking duties from WoL, and LM Fina to try and keep everyone alive, basically. The problem with Roy is, of course, breaks don't kick in until turn 5 of his cycle. I was lucky to even make it to turn 5, so I don't really recommend this aproach! I just left Lex & Barbs lying groaning & moaning on the turf for most of these turns, while I tried to recover from almost disaster! Roy can do a very good job here I think, so long as you have a temporary breaker while he works up to speed, like say an Orlandeau with Crush_Weapon for example, if you are doing Divine Ruination chains for damage.

The other thing I started doing once Roy was up to full speed with Victory_to_the_Brave, was just started having LM Fina using Manufacted_Nethicite every turn, seeing as she now had little else to do, and the main page recommends using it every 3rd turn, and I wasn't sure which was the 3rd turn or even what I was supposed to be stopping with it. Although I suspect it is the Dispelga that he keeps casting on you, which can be a major pain.

Getting back to Lex & Barbs, once they finally had some proper protection, they got through the damage dealing fairly quick with their Tornado-Aeroja chains.

Barbs also has a pretty decent damage dealing LB with 7 hits, so bringing a friend Barbs should get the LB goal done pretty easily I imagine. I only had one though, and oddly enough she was the only one in my team with a full LB gauge once I got Alexander down low enough to finish. I was hoping to also have Lexa & LM Fina's LB as well, but in the end a bit of chaining madness with Barbs LB + Lexa DC Tornado + LM Fina Sacred Burst managed to get the job done.