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Physical strategy[edit source]

This is gonna be a long fight and requires a lot of good elemental gear.

What you need:

  • Buffer, MS Nichol (preferred) or Yuraisha for dark resist
  • Physical cover tank built for evasion
  • Healer, Folka preferably
  • AoE breaker
  • Two lightning-equipped chainers.

All of your units must be built with at least 60% resists in fire, water, wind, and dark. Lightning only needs to be 30, since Siren won't break that. It helps to be immune to status effects.

Equip Carbuncle to your healer and make sure they have dualcast. That will cover lightning and fire buffs, as well as a single-target dispel. Equip Phoenix to your buffer. Equip Leviathan to your tank, which will cover water buffs if your buffer isn't doing that already. Equip Tetra to one of your chainers, both for Bird Killer and for wind buffs. The other chainer should be using Ifrit for Beast Killer. Equip Lakshmi to your breaker for charm and stop resist if your healer can't cover it naturally.


For the opening round, cover, cast charm resist, and cast as much elemental resistance from your other units as possible. Break if your can, but otherwise guard the remainder and don't attack.

Now that you've survived the first round, you can finish off your elemental and stop buffs and settle into a safe rotation. Once Ifrit dispels your team, use that round to buff all your elemental resists. The next round, restore cover and charm/stop resist buffs. Refresh as necessary and repeat on the next dispel. With evasion and buffs up, you will never take any damage. Even with a little lacking elemental resistance, you should take very little damage. Summon Phoenix and Leviathan at some point. As long as your cover and elemental buffs are up, it won't hurt your rotation.

Target Ifrit first. The goal isn't to kill him, just to get him down to a point where you can kill him in a round or two. Use defense breaks and dispel him when Siren uses her Protection Song. If you have Nichol, use water imbue when you can. Be careful to never do above 20% damage. Once you've got him to 10% or so, switch to Siren.

Siren will take longer to bring down, but you don't have to worry about thresholds. Even with her healing, you should be able to outpace her. As before, dispel her Protection Song when she uses it and get her down to as close to dead as possible. Try to do this shortly after she casts Curaja, so you'll have enough time to get Ifrit.

Once Siren is almost dead, switch back to Ifrit and do the same as with Siren. Swap back to Siren and finish her off. Once Siren is dead, kill Ifrit on the next turn. His mitigation will make it difficult, but if you've brought him low enough, you should be able to overwhelm him. before having to worry about being dispelled. 05:56, 13 April 2019 (UTC)

Testimonial - Geryth: Single Target Cover Tanks[edit source]

I used the exact same team as I did for Beasts of the Dark II and it proved just as effective a strategy. The reason it works well is because our non-covered units can be built with resist gear and ignore most of the damage, and our damage dealers can be built however we want them to be for pure damage. Which is necessary because this is long fight even with geared Esthers. Basically we bring Ifrit and Siren each down into OTK range and then we limit break them to death.

Here's an FFBE Equip link to the team:

  • 7* Sylvie
  • 7* Gladiolus
  • 6* Shatal
  • 7* MS Nichol
  • 7* Esther
  • 7* Friend Esther

So gear wise you need Sylvie, Gladiolus, Shatal, and MS Nichol with 90% Fire, Water, and Dark resist, and about 30% Wind resist (or as close to those as you can get). Esthers will need Ifrit specced with Beast Killer, her TMR, and at least one other +LB damage such as Heart Overcoming Hatred. You need to be able kill Ifrit from ~61% health as a hard damage limit for this strategy, but my equipment linked above was able to do it. Without a Physical Cover your Sylvie and MS Nichol need to be able to take Ifrit's Fury Claw to the face, so they'll need high DEF. This is also why we're killing Ifrit from 61%, because once he's below 60% he starts casting Fury Claw twice, which Sylvie or Nichol may not survive.

So here's what each teammate is focusing on:

  • Sylvie - Spring Cleaning (status ailment resistance), Gracious Knight (break and stop resistance), Withstand the Elements (50% resist to all elements), and Growing Defense when able (1000hp barrier). Summon Phoenix when able.
  • MS Nichol - ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR buffs, and General Mitigation. Also our healer via Fortune Stance.
  • Gladiolus - Charm resistance via Laksmi, and Royal Guard on an Esther
  • Shatal - Dispel Bash when needed, Primal Instincts, and Auxiliary Iron Heart on an Esther. Summon Leviathan when able.
  • Esther 1 - Provoking and damage dealing.
  • Esther 2 - Provoking and damage dealing

So with most fights these days the hardest turn is turn 1. Sylvie needs to start with Status Ailment Protection and all element resistance, Gladiolus needs to add charm resist before his cover, so the uncovered Esther needs to defend. This means turn 1 is done without any physical mitigation buffs up and without one of the covers up. And in my case the weaker tank Shatal is covering for the provoking Esther and takes a lot of damage. But if you survive turn one then you should be able to handle the rest of the fight as turn 2 adds physical damage mitigation and the team stabilizes in a rotation. If you survive the first 5 turns then the fight is essentially won because Siren and Ifrit do the same 5 turn rotation for the entire fight up until we kill them. The only other thing to mention is to be careful with Esther's damaging Siren because if they hit her with Thunder she retaliates with a Thunder attack that we aren't built to resist for. So don't go imbuing Esther with Lightning and then Bolting Strike or otherwise hit Siren with something.

We also need to consider the last few turns setting up the kill. You'll need 3 turns of setup from your Esthers:

  • Turn N-2
    • Make sure an Esther casts provoke two turns before you plan on finishing the fight
  • Turn N-1
    • This cannot be turn "2" of Siren or Ifrit's rotation (turn 2, 7, 12, 17, 22 etc.) This is because on turn "3" of their rotation they are getting Protection Song which is a big DEF buff with 400% Lightning resistance.
    • This cannot be turn "4" because of Ifrit's Flamebeast's Roar ability which dispels the team. Any buffs setup on this turn will get dispelled off before the OTK turn.
    • Sylvie uses Dispelga to get rid of any DEF buffs and elemental resistances that might be on Ifrit and Siren.
    • Both Esthers need to cast Shock Embrace + Combat Overdrive. This give them lightning imbue, lightning imperils Siren and Ifrit, and a 200% ATK buff, so make sure they go last this turn.
  • Turn N (last turn)
    • Sylvie DEF breaks Ifrit by 70%
    • Esther's chain LB. Spark Chain might be necessary.
    • Enjoy your spoils.

--Geryth Drayfore (talk) 05:07, 26 May 2019 (UTC)

Magic & Physical tank strategy...and other details[edit source]

Since the wiki doesn't say it, magic elemental damage is averaged. So if a character has 150% fire, 80% dark, 120% water and 50% wind resistance and 70% lightning resistance (with or without buffs), their combined resistance to Dual Wave (fire, water, wind and dark damage) will be (150+80+120+50)/4 = 400/4 = 100%, but the resistance against "the black wings repelled lighting" (lightning and wind damage) will be (50+70)/2 = 60% resistance to the attack, which often spells death.

Also soft resets tend to mess up the game. Two or more seem to cause Dual Wave to be cast every 4th and 5th turns instead of only every 5th turn. Dual Wave seems to have Chaos Wave chaining with the power up after every use, so if you're not immune to it innately, you're dead.

Okay, so my team was as follows: Wilhelm (90% physical evade, 100% dark resist, 70% fire resist, 45% water and 20% wind resist [jet black eyepatch; hero's shield; Demon Mail+; Swordbreaker; Ring of the Lucci; Protec Grappler G3; True Spirit of Freedom; Quick Assault x2; Melody of Life; equipped with Anima])

Awakened Rain (100% resist to everything, equipped with Phoenix and a lightning weapon)

Sara (100% resist to everything, equipped with Leviathan with Barwaterga). Anything to equip shields helps.

Lotus Mage Fina (100% resist to everything important, equipped with dark esper and any rod that gives access to lightning magic)

Sephiroth (60% resist to fire, water, wind, dark, dual wielding to save on MP, equipped with Lakshmi)

Friend Zeno of the Beta Star.

It's best to have Sara, CG Fina and Sephiroth immune to stone, sleep and confusion.

Sara uses Retreat Command until every fifth turn, where she can use her limit burst or barwaterga (neither was necessary) Feel free to summon Leviathan on a fifth turn.

Wilhelm provokes and then defends for the next two turns. He always uses Provoke on a fifth turn.

Awakened Rain uses his magic cover, then Purification cooldown skill (status ailment and stop resist), then Scarlet Healing or summon Phoenix. Repeat in this exact order, even if Pufification falls on the fourth turn. Use Energy Wall on every fifth turn.

Lotus Mage Fina can start with Divine Veil for 45% elemental resistance and then either with Esunaga and Dispelga (if no one was petrified), or Prime Heal to cure petrify. Third turn can be used for Manatopia or emergency healing as necessary. Repeat in exact order, replacing dispelga with Full Heal on Zeno or chainer as needed. Always use Divine Veil on every fifth turn.

Sephiroth starts with Charming Protection from Lakshmi, then Supremacy, then another Supremacy. Repeat in exact order. Always use Charming Protection on first and fourth turns of a rotation.

Zeno or whomever your chainer is chains with Sephiroth on the second, third and fifth turn. He will likely die on the fifth turn and be revived by the healer on the first turn.

Aim to take out Siren first. Life gets easier after she is gone.

When Siren is gone, the cycles will change from 5 turns to 3 turns, with the turn that Siren falls being turn 1. Continue the first 3 parts of the previous attack pattern, but attack with A. Rain on second turns and use CG Fina's lightning magic on second turns, as there are no more status ailments to protect against or cure except poison, so these are free turns for these two. Ifrit will not counter. Hit it for at least 6 lightning attacks. Then burst it down to no lower than 61% HP. Wait for its third turn to end and the cycle to repeat, then hit it to on or 60% HP. The order changes now.

Instead of covering with Awakened Rain, A. Rain now uses Standout (his provoke skill) every first and third turn. Every second turn, he uses Raise on the friend unit that likely died on turn 1.

Wilhelm no longer provokes, but physical covers on the first turn and guards on the other two.

Sara uses Barwaterga on the first turn (if you have it). Otherwise she's free. If her MP is fully potted, feel free to use Barwaterga on the second and Retreat Command on the third turns.

CG Fina uses Divine Veil on the first turn, and dualcasts Reraise on Zeno and Curaga on the second turn, followed by Manatopia on the third turn.

Sephiroth always attacks, no matter what.

Zeno chains with Sephiroth on the third turn.

The idea is that Zeno with his poor elemental resistances will go down on the third turn. Sephiroth will always cause Ifrit to magic counter, which will proc A. Rain's innate single target magic counter on either Sephiroth or Zeno, but never Wilhelm (if Wilhelm is covered, his cover won't proc, and everybody dies from physical attacks. But with my strategy, it never happens). A. Rain will raise Zeno on turn 2, Sara will give some elemental resistance which will slow down the rate at which Zeno dies on that turn, Zeno will take damage, die, and be revived after the elemental attacks, leaving him alive for turn 3. Wilhelm will take damage, but my fully potted Wilhelm never died, and recovered 3 000 HP every turn in defense mode. You will never run out of MP. One Battle All Missions Accomplished (OBAMA).

Took me about 58 turns to do this and 6 days to formulate this strategy. You can do it faster.

-- ranks555