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4-Turn Kill with 2 Missions[edit source]

Adapted from the strategy I saw on the channel "A man has no name" (all Credits on the end)

Used the Following Team

- Merc Ramza (Full Evade, 100% Light Resist, Ice Weapon) on Carbuncle
- 2B (DW Thunder Weapon + TMR) on Leviathan (with Violent Current Skill)
- Tidus (Necro Dagger + Lion Saber) on Odin
- Cid (Atk 1940, Stoss Spear, Marshal Glove, Dragoon Gauntlet, Man Eater +, Brave Soul) on Diabolus (Man Eater +)
- CG Nichol 
- Friend Cid (pretty much the same set up)

try to up as much DEF/SPR and HP as possible

1st Turn

Cid dispels, Cid uses Protagonist Halo on Ramza, Ramza cover, 2B breaks, Tidus uses Jecht Shot, Nichol uses Barrier+Heroic

2nd Turn

both Cids use CD, Nichol imbues one Cid, Tidus and 2B attack to generate lb crystals, Ramza do whatever or entrust Tidus

3rd Turn

Nichol imbues the other Cid, both Cids use True Spineshatter Dive 0+, Tidus/2B attack to generate lb crystals, Ramza do whatever or entrust Tidus

4th Turn

Tidus uses LB (75-100% water imperil), 2B chains Violent Current with CG Nichol's Flood (dual cast), both Cids descend like godly meteors when the chain hits about 30~35

That should get 2 out of 3 missions. I'll try again with the same thing people, but waiting untill I use all 8 lbs (Pod 153 on 2B and Rikku's Pouch on Tidus for off-turn support)

[EDIT] Did it on 11 turns, all missions. Just waiting and using LBs as much as possible and then setting up the kill

You can replace Merc Ramza for any 100% Evade 100% Light Resist Cover Tank, 2B for Kryla/Auron/Loren, CG Nichol for SS Nichol You can try a different elemental embue, but will need a different elemental imperil

Original Strategy: 【FFBE】Chamber of the Indignant: Scorn of Gilgamesh 4TKO【Global】

--Watashi Wa Omoide Niwa Naranai Sa (talk) 03:12, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

All mission Cid strategy[edit source]

This strategy takes longer because you have to wait to build up the LBs, but it will get you all the missions.

What you need:

  • MS Nichol (buffing and water imbue)
  • Folka (healing, debuff protect, and water imperil) equipped with Carbuncle for Dispel
  • 7* physical/provoke tank
  • Loren (ideally equipped with Necro Dagger and Lion Saber for element coverage) focused on LB building
  • 7* Onion Slice chainer with esper Fenrir
  • Cid built for Man Eater and Jump damage

If you don't have Necro Dagger and/or Lion Saber, the important elements to cover are fire and earth. Loren has a wind skill that can cover two out of three turns.

For the chainer, make sure they're wielding a weapon that matches one of the elements Loren can use. Lightning is a good choice if Loren can't innately cover wind with her equipment. Have dark and ice damage skills available on Fenrir.

For the tank, you'll want water/light resist. Depending on how tough you can build your tank, evasion may not be necessary here. I used Merc Ramza for entrust and innate element resist.

Battle Start with physical cover, Nichol's cooldown buffs, and Folka's debuff protect. Have Cid use Dispel Lance, break with Loren's cooldown, and have the chainer use an ice/dark skill as needed.

Now that you've survived the first turn, you can settle into a survivable pattern.

  • The tank will Provoke, guard, then cover again.
  • Cast Nichol's Fortune/Courageous Stances on odd turns, then mitigation and light resist on even turns.
  • Have Folka heal and reapply protection as required.
  • Have Cid use two damage items over the next two turns, then guard, using his LB as it becomes available and dispelling when needed. If Gilgamesh is getting too close to 80, hold off on the LB, as it does a fair amount of damage with Loren's imperil.
  • Loren will use her LB every three turns to reapply the breaks Gilgamesh clears, chaining on off turns.
  • Finally, have the chainer do dark/ice damage until the mission is covered, then chain with Loren to bring Gilgamesh down to near 80, using LB as it fills.

Once's you've got eight LBs out of the way (probably around turn 16 or so, unless you're lucky), Nichol's LB should be fully charged up and Cid should also have a full bar. Use's Nichol's LB on the turn after Gilgamesh clears his breaks. It's best to do this when you would have used the Fortune/Courageous Stances, so your mitigation won't wear off. Once he clears the breaks, dispel with Folka, have Cid use Sky Dragon Squall, break again, and water imbue with Nichol. Next turn, Cid uses True Spineshatter Dive 0. Reapply mitigation. Cid's ready to come down next turn, so chain with Loren and the other chainer, triggering Cid as close to the end as possible. Ideally, you want this hit to be fatal. If it's not, and you got him below 10%, it's still salvageable. Have Folka use a damage item to force Gilgamesh into a Break, giving you one free turn to finish the job. Chain again and use Cid's limit burst to cap, which should do a fair amount of damage and finish Gilgamesh off. 08:26, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

Testimonial - Geryth: All Missions Accomplished Phase 2 Kill[edit source]

Update - Altered to coincide with my Youtube video I did for this fight. This was a frustrating and ridiculous fight, but we've navigated around it by ignoring the elemental shenanigans and have a comfortable TTK from 60%.

Here's the FFBE Equip link to my exact teams' equipment (as well as friend Esther). Some notes on gear:

  • Bushido Freedom is slot based so unit order matters here. Sylvie and Gladiolus have death immunity in slot 1 and 2 on purpose, and MS Nichol is taking the death being in slot 3 when the threshold attack comes.
  • Make sure someone has dark element on their weapon or that you have some method of dealing dark damage. Mine was on an Esther for the dark damage mission.
  • My friend Esther didn't have a weapon with elemental attack on it, so her damage turns were very limited to when I could imbue her with Lightning element. Having a friend Esther with a lightning element weapon can make things much more convenient for you, though a non-elemental weapon was a little handy when it came to taking it slow at first to build LB's for the mission.

So with this strategy we get through phase 1 and 2 pretty easy. We mitigate all the damage of phase 1, using no element locks except for fire on a few occasions. You can take phase 1 as slow as you want to get the LB mission accomplished. It's just a bit annoying to deal with the Fire element mana drain but it's easily managed. Then on phase 2 since we aren't using any lock-out elements we don't have to worry about triggering his element counters. We're not equipped to handle phase 3 so we have to kill Gilgamesh from 60% or higher. You'll have two turns to be able to do this because of the offensive item stun we can take advantage of.

The here's the gist:

  • Phase 1 - all units are built with high HP/DEF/SPR because we are taking all the AoE hybrid attacks. With all the mitigation + break power we're packing, this is doable.
    • Sylvie keeps up Break Resist, Status Ailment Resist, Physical Mitigation, and Magical Mitigation. She also trades with Loren on dispel + break duty (Hop to the Rescue! + Pressure and then Dispelga + General's Manifesto). Throw in a barrier via Growing Defense when able.
    • Loren - Trade breaking/dispel duty with Sylvie and use two Antarctic Winds at some point. The third will be used when we're ready to kill Gilgamesh.
    • Gladiolus uses Royal Guard on whichever Esther is provoking. He takes all the single target element attacks with 75% damage mitigation and coupled with some elemental resistance, he takes very little damage. He has Ifrit so he can use Fire in between cover turns to lock out the Fire element attack, to minimize the mana drain our provoking Esther's are taking.
    • MS Nichol keeps up buffs and mitigation, and our healing is coming from Fortune Stance regens. He needs a ton of SPR to make sure the team heals up from all the AoE hybrid attacks we're taking.
    • Esther 1 - Doing damage, building and using LB's, and provoking. Trading provokes as necessary when the other one gets hit with Mana Drain.
    • Esther 2 - Doing damage, building and using LB's, and provoking. Trading provokes as necessary when the other one gets hit with Mana Drain.
  • Setup to cross 80% Threshold into Phase 2
    • Sylvie needs to cast Reraise on Nichol so you need to do this while all of Sylvie's buffs have another turn of being active (break resist, physical mitigation, and magical mitigation). We don't need status ailment resistance in phase 2. In my video I accidentally hit the threshold too early and her Magic and Physical mitigations wore off for the threshold attack but we took it just fine with MS Nichol's 40% mitigation coming from Barrier Stance.
    • MS Nichol will eat a 100% KO (because Sylvie and Gladiolus are immune and Nichol is in slot 3), and Loren and Esthers will get dispelled, so to make the transition easier you probably want MS Nichol's Barrier Stance ready to use since you need to reapply buffs and Phase 2 Gilgamesh hits with more AoE attacks. The 40% mitigation will help you get back on your feet easier.
  • Phase 2
    • So phase two is mostly about surviving because Gilgamesh hits us with more AoE hybrid attacks and my MS Nichol Regens weren't quite enough to heal up to full each round, so some units needed to take defend turns to heal up. But other than that, nothing is much different except Sylvie can trade Status Ailment protection for more Barriers and you will no longer take any mana drains. Just be extra sure not to hit Gilgamesh with any elements that will get countered.
    • Hit Gilgamesh as close to 60% as possible and use the last Antarctic Wind and then TTK (two-turn-kill).

--Geryth Drayfore (talk) 03:41, 21 May 2019 (UTC)

Killing Gilgamesh with Zeno and item trick[edit source]

This trial was so hard, I failed so many times until doing it with the item trick. With 2 zenos it was a lot simpler, I guess the main points are to be able to maintain a high break and dispel and bypass his bushido freedom atk.

My Team: Buffer: Zargabaath (full evade 16k hp, 650 def, 526 spr) was very useful as he had mitigation/buff and double cast reraise quite readily Breaker: 2B ( 1.8k atk, 500 def, 400 spr) any breaker will do Attacker: Zeno ( 2.7k atk, 750 def, 500 spr, Man eater+ and diablos) no elemental weapon equipped Tank: Sieghard ( 24k hp, 1.5k def, 490 spr, all ailment resist) any tank will do with high health and Healer: Folka ( 1.7k spr, 400 def) any healer will do, carbuncle was equipped for dispel Friend: Zeno ( 2.5k atk) any zeno dupe will do, as much atk as possible

1st turn: zargabaath casts arcadia's might for buff and mitigation, folka dispels and reraises on dupe zeno, sieghard does physical cover, 2B breaks with supreme support, and both zeno just scorch

2nd turn: zargabaath uses earth drum item, folka casts sobering water and physical mitigation, sieghard uses I'm gorgeous, 2B uses true charge blade for LB build, both zeno use scorch again

3rd turn: zargabaath uses earth drum item, folka casts flowing water and magical mitigation, sieghard uses gorgeous pose, 2B uses true charge blade for LB crystals, both zeno use firaga blade and then perfect void, this way the attacks dont bring him under 80%

4th turn: zargabaath uses earth drum item (this turn will break gilgamesh), folka casts physical mitigation and MP regen, sieghard uses glorious guard (this was just in case I screwed up somewhere) 2B uses limit burst, both zeno use true mirror of equity (when I did this it managed to bring him down to 43% from 89%)

5th turn: Both zeno use triple cast of obliterating mirror of equity's roar

Using this method I only cleared the no more than 3 item part, you could, depending on what you have equipped do the element mission on the kill turn if you want, but I will probably not do this trial again for some time.

--Melonlord907 (talk) 08:54, 27 May 2019 (UTC)

Xuan Wu & Qing Long (New Account) - 2 Turns[edit source]

I did this fight with an account I created less than a month ago so my gear is pretty weak, but with a decent friend dupe the fight is now extremely easy.


  • Xuan Wu & Qing Long, 7*, SPR:1994, Man-eater:300% (Diablos, 3*, L23)
  • Awakened Warrior of Light, 7*, DEF:1671, HP:16,648 (Golem, 3*, L25)
  • Immortal Knight Garland, 7*
  • Sylvie, 6*
  • FRIEND: Xuan Wu & Qing Long, 7*, SPR:2532, Man-eater:300% (Diablos, 3*, L60)

I should also note that my tank had no evasion gear.

AWOL: Light is with us! II
I.K.Garland: Chains of Rebirth
Sylvie: Growing Defense + Protective Vines
XWQL#1: Special Arts - Azure Dragon Style + Element Arts - Whirlwind Kick
XWQL#2: Special Arts - Azure Dragon Style + Element Arts - Whirlwind Kick

Nothing special, standard rotation.

Tank got flattened, but Gilgamesh is about to get an atomic wedgie.

XWQL#1: Special Arts - Palm Strike + Special Arts - Palm Strike + Special Arts - Palm Strike
XWQL#2: Special Arts - Palm Strike + Special Arts - Palm Strike + Special Arts - Palm Strike

Again, nothing special. Brute force.

I did 185,000,000-damage with my bargain basement XWQL.

Hope this takes away any hesitation you might have!

--Quizziest (talk) 04:11, 2 February 2020 (UTC)