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Physical strategy[edit source]

What you need:

  • Physical cover tank with evasion. Any 7-star will do. I recommend either Merc Ramza or Basch, the former for built-in elemental resists and the latter because he can break defense in a pinch. Equip with Tetra for Baraeroga.
  • Buffer. Enhanced MS Nichol is the way to go thanks to his 100% Ice/Water buff.
  • Provoker. Needs high elemental resists and HP/DEF/SPR. Sacred Shield Charlotte is the best option because of her 4-turn rotation and magic mitigation skills. Equip with Odin for Fingersnap.
  • Healer. Nothing special here. Equip with Lakshmi for Stop resist if you need to. If not, Shiva can be used as a backup breaker.
  • Two chainers with lightning element. Esther is recommended, because she can self-imbue and has a built-in AoE DEF breaking skill. You might be able to get away with using Zeno and lightning weapons, but he only breaks on counters so he's less reliable. Leviathan is the best esper choice for resists.

All units should be built with +50% Ice/Wind/Water elemental resists at base, preferably much higher for your tanks. Equip with status resistance.

This strategy assumes you'll go for all missions.

100% to 70%

Here's where we start our rotations. For the evasion tank, cover, wind buff, free turn, repeat. For the provoke tank, provoke, mitigation if you have it, use Fingersnap when Glacial buffs itself. For the buffer, Ice/Water buff and mitigation, stat buffs, then a free turn for whatever (limit burst, if available). This isn't going to change for the rest of the fight.

Use AoE attacks from the chainers to collect esper orbs. Don't worry about killing the Glacons; more will spawn next phase. You should be able to get two espers out of the way before the threshold. Heal as necessary.

70% to 50%

There's not much different about this phase, other than Glacial adding Stop to its rotation. Switch to single-target attacks and let the Glacons build up. If using Esther, save Shock Embrace and limit bursts for the next phase.

50% to 30%

Now you have two Glacial Sculptures on the field and you want them dead. Imperil and damage them as quickly as possible. Once they're down low enough, limit burst them to death.

With that out of the way, Glacial will be the only thing left. Push to the next threshold.

30% to 0%

Glacial will be a lot more aggressive in this phase and buffs every other turn, so you'll need to keep dispelling/imperiling/breaking. If you can survive the big hits without units dying, then victory is assured. 06:36, 9 August 2019 (UTC)