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Dual-wielding Cids clear[edit source]

My team was as follows:

Radiant Lightning x2 Sylvie (6*, with Bad Breath materia) Basch (full evade with Toxic Rain, equipped with one or two LB guage fill rate materia) Cid (about 2 200 ATK, dual-wielding with Reberta's tmr, Ifrit esper) Friend Cid (about 2 400 ATK, Golem esper)

It's really simple: Turn 1: Radiant Lightnings use Limit Bursts for 120% lightning imperil Sylvie imbues both Radiant Lightnings with lightning before they attack, if they don't have lightning weapons Basch physical covers Cids do anything they want

Turn 2: Sylvie imbues both Cids with lightning Basch breaks stats with cool down skill Cids use cool down skill Radiant Lightnings chain attacks, or power up their attacks (shouldn't matter)

Turn 3: Sylvie uses attack buff on team Cids use Spineshatter Dive 0 Radiant Lightnings then use Army of One and Relentless Assault Basch can use Toxic Rain here, or just attack. LB should be almost full by the end of this turn.

Turn 4: If disease has worn off, Sylvie uses Bad Breath to restore it Basch should have his LB gauge full now; use Limit Burst after Radiant Lightnings start attack Radiant Lightnings chain two Relentless Assault attacks Cids chain their attacks on about the 27-30 hits.

If done right, the Cids should drain the HP from around 99% to 40% in the first attack and then 0% immediately after, ending the battle in 4 turns. Can be done with one Cid, but other DPS units will have to be strong enough to drain HP to about 75% in 4 turns. Any unit that can imperil 120% and imbue the same element can be used in place of Sylvie.

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