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Talk:Season of Mayhem

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Testimonial 1[edit source]

Don't bring fire Hyohs. Fire triggers AoE-dispel counter which negates tank cover. Bring chainsaws.

Dealing with incoming damage: All physical attacks can be covered and evaded. Boss does not attack on round 1, so a WoL can cover then atk/mag break. A guarding passive-draw 600-spirit tank takes about 2500 damage per round in the final phase. (45% mag break on boss; 100% spirit buff, 60% spirit break on tank)

Dealing with stop, statuses, breaks: Zarg can prevent all stops, statuses and most of the breaks, also remove breaks from dps.

Dealing damage: Two elementless Hyohs can chop ~20% HP per round til 30% boss HP remaining. After that. it's slowly chipping away 1~2% HP per round.

Missions: No items: it's a moderately long fight, bring MP regen. Fire damage 3 times: cast fire variants all in one round on a free turn after boss is under 30%. Then no more fire. Kill with magic: bring someone with ultima.

General strategy[edit source]

Don't bring pure fire chainers. Learned that the hard way.

What you need:

  • Two non-elemental chainers
  • Physical tank
  • Healer
  • Buffer
  • Breaker

The best chainers are ones that can switch to elemental damage on demand. Onion Knight and 7* Trance Terra are two examples. Bomb Arts has fire imbue. Failing that, any unit with Ifrit will cover the fire damage.

To start, non-elemental chain the boss down below 50%. This will eliminate the fire retaliation dispel. Physical guard, buff, break as needed and you should be safe.

Once you've hit the hard lock 30% threshold, tao the boss with fire damage four times to get rid of the mitigation barrier. Finish chaining and fire off a long cast magic spell fot credit.

-- 17:52, 28 December 2018 (UTC)

Seasons of Mayhem walkthrough[edit source]

Hello and welcome to the BluEvanescent - where tips and tricks were rarely being seen but effective. And hoooo boy, ya need a hint, right? Well then, you've come to the right place, kid.

Units Equipment
Any unit that can chain Non-elemental weapon
Onion Knight (imo) Non-elemental weapon (since the SoF will imbue the Fire element)
Ayaka/Rikku/LM Fina High SPR with Breaker ability
Any AoE Physical tank 100% Physical evasion
Any ST Magic Tank High SPR (recommended Awakened Rain)

Walkthrough[edit source]

  • On 100%-30% HP, AoE physical tank as well as Provoke Magic Tank. Don't forget to Reraise every turn.
  • Under any circumstances, DO NOT hit the boss with Fire until 29% of HP.
  • At 29% HP, hit her with Fire elemental 4 times. The reason why I use Onion Knight is because he's useful in case my Physical Chainer/Finisher are out of MP.
  • At that moment, 4 turns later after hitting her with fire, her defenses are down. It's your chance to teach her a lesson of pain. Don't forget to inflict her with Magic and do not delay. Spells can be vary, ranging from Ultima to Alterna.

Afterwords[edit source]

Once you beat her, it's finished! Congratulations, you severely beat a child. Eh, but who cares in anyway. It's just a boss in a temporary event. Perhaps 2 weeks from now, there will be an enemy that is far worse than the last.

Anyways, I hope you did best. This is BluEvanescent and remember,

" Kids these days. "

--Bluevanescent (talk) 04:41, 29 December 2018 (UTC)

Defensive team without provoker but counter chaining works just fine[edit source]

Here is the defensive route to glory and red mittens!

My team: Ayaka - for stop treatments and as MP battery Seaside Nichol - for defensive buffs and damage mitigation Wilhelm as breaker (no provoke, no cover) Lucius - physical damage dealer and counters 2xLilith - stat break immunity, damage over time and counters

My strategy: deal most damage with counter chaining of Lilith and Lucius.

I made sure that every team member has had sufficient HP and decent Def/Spr resulting in damage income of about 3-4k in total each round for all units.

Make sure, the resistence to Stop and stat-breaks is always active.

As the others have written already: don't deal fire damage until the foe has hit the hard treshold at 30% HP. Otherwise it will dispel your buffs, reraise, cover and do massive damage afterwards, resulting in potential wipe out of your party.

User: Tomml, rank 163 -- 12:29, 29 December 2018 (UTC)

Power Creeped[edit source]

Basic Idea[edit source]

  • The boss has low SPR, so we need element-less magic damage, and Lila fits the roll with Martial Arts - Heaven Shift
  • Need a source of fire damage, but no fire damage until less then 30% health

Team Composition[edit source]

  • Damage Dealer 1 Lila Element-less Weapons
  • Damage Dealer 2 Lila Element-less Weapons
  • Provoke Tank Sieghard 100% Passive Provoke + 100% Evade
  • Healer Folka Make sure to keep up status resistance and re-raise on the tank
  • Breaker Heavenly Technician Lid Break Atk + Mag
  • Friend Mediena Wait until the boss has < 30% health and start spamming tripple fire magic

Fight[edit source]

Above 30% health[edit source]

  • Just have Lila 1 and 2 spam heaven shift. Even with the bosses damage immunity, they will be eating away at the tree.
  • Tank Physical Guards
  • Breaker Breaks Atk & Mag
  • Folka needs to apply status protection and re-raise on the tank
  • Medina can cast helpful stuff, but no fire damage

Under 30% health[edit source]

  • Have Lila apply fire to herself and chain them down
  • Have Mediena spamming tripple fire magic

It may take a few turns before the 95% damage barrier goes away, but Lila destroyed them with it up

--SlashAndBurner (talk) 14:04, 21 October 2019 (UTC)

You can imbue fire with Verun's TMR[edit source]

If your favorite phys damage dealers don't have a fire imbue, you can give them one by equipping Craftsman Secret Book.