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Talk:Seed of Life

Best farm?[edit source]

I've been farming fulan pass for a few days, I was originally farming it for Quality Parts which it seems to be a decent drop for it.

However, along the way I realized I was getting a good amount of Seed of Life which I also needed. I was Googling to find the best spot for farming seed of life or Quality Parts and it just redirected to this page but it didn't give an actual location or Mission within it that would be best. I'd like to suggest fulan pass specifically Central, as being the best spot that I found for how often it drops both seed of life and Quality Parts.

I hope this info can be of some help! Icedagger17 (talk) 17:39, 27 November 2017 (UTC)

Since you're farming early story, it would be safe to assume you're only that far in story content. This material drops from an assortment of monsters as you progress throughout the story. So much so that you'll be selling it, because you have too much. There isn't a necessity to farm for it, since its use is only as an awakening material and occasional Expedition consumable. Play the story, run explorations, and you'll surely get more seeds than you'll know what to do with.--FencerTJ (talk) 01:41, 28 November 2017 (UTC)

Unfortunately no I've been playing for a year have all story content complete. I decided I wanted to make it a goal to awaken all of my units to Max Awakening seeing as to how I have almost 200 units I needed hundreds upon hundreds of seed of life and you know what and you have to awaken that many units you realize you don't have as many seed of life as you need because you're sold them all because you didn't realize you needed so many. Some people do need to farm this after they've completed all of the story and Google search comes up with really nothing. I've tried other places to farm for seed of life and fulan pass just seems like it is the best drop rate.