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Hello, guys.

I completed the Bonus stage, so here is my insight (WARNING, this battle needs a good set of units with above average TMR. If you do not have them, skip this content)

I tried like 5 times trying to do a perfect run. Once I failed something in the first two bosses, I restarted. Once I could complete the perfect run for the first 2 bosses, I failed 2 times with the last one.

First: Do not chose a evade physical tank. The last boss will need elemental resistance and the evade builts are no providing right now elemental resistances.

Second, do not go for magical chainers. Most of them are AoE and the last battle needs ST. Hybrids chainers are welcome if they are not stuck into a particular element.

Third, try to find a Mana Battery. The last boss has high Def/Spr (with 60kk of HP) and you will drain eventually all your mana. Try MS Nichol.

Fourth, do not lock your units into an element. The first boss only receives damage through Earth, Wind, and Water. My suggestion is to search for a friend with non-elemental weapons, either in forums or through your friend list.

Fifth, depending on your party you may need some status ailments protections. I went with Marie, and with her, I did not need a special set of gears for ailments. I just needed to be refreshing the protection every 3 turns.

I chose 7* Wilhelm (with Golem for the chimera earth damage), 7* Marie (with Arc Arcana for the elemental missions), 6* MS Nichol, 6*Basch (with Tetra Sylphid for chimera wind damage) and two 7* Hyohs fully potted and ability awaken for all of them.

Pretty straightforward: With Chimera, you will need to wait until you fill the gauge with the MS Nichol help, fill the evocation gauge (for the next boss), and use the three elements you need to do. Once you completed the LB for both Hyohs and you have your evo gauge filled, wreck that Chimera with the Hyohs LB. At this stage, you should have the other units their LB already filled, which will be used in the second boss.

For the Metal Gigant Cactuar (MGC) you will simply use any ability to chain, evoke with any of your remaining characters, and use dual-cast magic damage (to complete the 'defeat with magic' quest). In 1 turn you should be done.

If you cannot do MGC in one single turn, and you do not have a evade build for your Phys cover tank: Prepare to die. Its needle fixed damage combo it is too much for a 20k Wilhelm).

The next boss is the one you should have care.

First, do not use any AoE damage. Focus on the ST abilities Hyoh has on the Lv. 99 Rat.

Second, enter in the cycle: Marie ailment protection, dual-cast elemental protection, repeat dual-cast elemental protection, restart the cycle (you may use the amazing CD she has for the Rage of All turns or when the provoke tank is having troubles).

Wilhelm will be in a Cover, Provoke, LB/CD/At Break (on the main boss, since the small rats are only doing fixed damage). The rats will be redirecting all their ST fixed damage into him, so you need to buff damage mitigation and elemental resistance A LOT. Wilhelm should be assisted by Shive Stop protection Stop Through. The most problematic damage will be the fire fixed damage, but if you have a good amount of SPR on MS Nichol regen passives should regen the whole damage Wilhelm will receive.

Bash will be supporting with breaks and covers (if Wilhelm is stopped). Also, here Basch can be flexible. A stronger breaker (in Def), or another elemental support, or Ayaka with the stop protection and reraise. I used Basch because lazy me wasn't willing to change the party composition. Finally, Hyohs will be cycling through Way of The Void and the ST damage.

MS Nichol will start with the party Stance and its damage mitigation, the next turn he should give the light/dark/ice/water protections (when the last small rats are summoned) and the 3rd turn should be used to mana battery the Hyohs.

Here's the catch: You will be doing between 5% to 20% damage to the boss rat (5% when you are using only Dual Cast Ability with Lone Stance Buffs and up to 20% with a fully Def break, fully damage boosted and Triple Cast Spark chain is done).

What I recommend is to let the Giant Rat to be around 4 to 9% and use both Hyohs LB and summon your esper.

If everything is done accordingly, this run is perfect.

My (final) team was: M Ramza(7), Garnet(6), 2B(7), Roy(7), Hyoh(7), friend:Hyoh(7)

My original team had LM Fina instead of Garnet, but I recommend Garnet as LM Fina's extra healing prowess was not needed, and it took forever to get the Esper gauge full on the first boss.

On my first successful attempt, I got all but the final Esper-kill goal, which can be very tricky! This begs the question: Is it worthwhile re-doing just to get that 10% rainbow ticket? I say yes, definitely. Look at it this way: 100 lapis to refill your NRG, which is almost double my max NRG. So it costs roughly 50 lapis to have another go. So by the law of averages, that's roughly equivalent to spending 500 lapis for a rainbow unit!

I had M Ramza geared up with at least 60% element resist across the board, using Melody of Life and True Hydaelyn Guard. I also gave him Bahamut, mainly because he doesn't actually reduce any elements. In hindsight, after re-reading the previous post, I should have given him Shiva with her Stop Through 50% stop resist, which would have made him 100% stop resistant. He did actually get stopped a couple of times, which I got out of by having Garnet do the dualcast dispel trick. (I'm not sure, but I suspect the Stop is caused by the Stunner rat that appears towards the end...)

I also had M Ramza wielding Aqua Blade (dual wield, water) along with Lion Saber (wind, earth), so that he completed the goal on boss #1 with a single hit!

Garnet was geared with EVO MAG materia, plus Holy Wand (for dual white magic), Rikku's Pouch (for Panacea and Eccentrick), and Ankh of Goddess (so she could cast reraise on herself as a bit of insurance). Her HP was just barely above the 4,242 fixed damage inflicted, which you can halve if you put her on defend. Her other job was to use her Life Harmony to get M Ramza up over 100% elemental resist. Note that ailments are only really a problem on boss #1 once you get below 50%, but you should be killing him in one turn from above 50% anyway.

Roy is brilliant for this trial. He starts off with Change Repertoire on boss #1, which gives a 200% LB fillrate boost for one turn, then settles into his song repertoire of War of the Gods, Victory to the Brave. The 2nd boss you should be killing in one turn, but it doesn't hurt to do another Change Repertoire just for the LB fillrate boost. For the third boss, use his LB while 2B does the breaking on turn 1, then he just settles into Draconic Reverberation for the rest of the battle. You will never be short of MP with Roy in your team!

2B is also a godsend here. She can kill the first boss on her own using avoid attack, after first using Supreme Support Weapon. This means that you can forget all you've heard about not equipping elemental weapons on Hyoh... just put a flame weapon on him and bring a friend Hyoh also with a flame weapon. He will have nothing to do against the first boss (besides dispelling with Unknown Traitor), but the 3rd boss will be MUCH easier - I was doing 20% damage a turn by chaining double Flame Blade.

2B doesn't really need to do anything on the final boss, after breaking on the first turn. Her break has a 7 turn cooldown, but you don't want to use her LB to reapply the big debuffs, as it will kill the dire rats, and you don't want to do that too soon! Not to worry though, because Roy's debuffs are perfectly fine. You can try chaining her with the Hyoh's, but she tends to be more of a hindrance as she breaks their chains. Or you might be tempted to use her as a finisher with Self Destruct: 2B, but again that is aoe damage and you don't want to kill the dire rats!

So, you want to bring the giga rat down using Hyoh's flame blade, before finishing with an esper. Feel free to kill all the dire rats on turn 3,6,9,... if you've got giga rat down low enough, as you then have 3 turns to finish him off before he wipes your party.

Actually, I'm now wondering if I even needed Hyoh. If I brought a 2B companion, they could have done the job quite easily, and I could have replaced Hyoh with another support or something. It would have to be slower, but no doubt doable.



Awakened Rain is a great contester for the bonus stage. Equip Impervious Shield, King's Armor and Melody of Life will get you a 60% resist on all elements, you can easily get 40% more from external sources to reach 100% across the board; this is particularly important for last boss as the fixed damage is ELEMENT based, which means having 100% resist will nullify almost all incoming damage.

Using Standout will let you tank everything but "Rage of All" which will not do very much damage IF YOU LEAVE ALL THE SMALL RATS ALIVE. Always use ST damage chainers and focus on boss. Even when he spawns multiple small ones they wont do any damage because of 100% resist.

A.Rain will also be able to magic cover the first fight without taking any dmg, your team will only eat up Beast’s Seal which is manageable. Second encounter is just reraise madness.

- Flames