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Talk:Special Abilities (Active)

Should we divide this list into categories? Like, Physical Dmg, Magical Dmg, Hybrid, and etc. --Dmatter

Should add Undying Wish. - rf0715

Work In Progress[edit source]

Current Terms
  1. Healing & Status Recovery
  2. Buffs
  3. Tankings
  4. Debuffs
  5. HP/MP Drains
  6. Fixed Damage
  7. Percentage Damage
  8. Unmitigated Damage
  9. Consecutive Damage
  10. Damage with Turn Delay
  11. Randomized Skills
  12. Damage
  13. Others

I'd say if at least 10 or more like abilities exist, they should have their own group. Things get fuzzy when they fall under two groups, so that's worth thinking more about (what takes precedent?). As far as questionable ones that are likely to move and change that would include:

  • Tankings
  • Counters & Mirages
Names that could be added and what would be associated with them
  • Enemy Targeting (Provokes, camouflages (though mirages might be more suitable))
  • Increase [stats] under [conditional] (could include singing)
  • Unlock Skills (Extract, Chaos Wave)
  • With Killers (Requiem, Anti-Drake Chant)
  • Limit Burst Gauge (all things pertaining to the lb gauge)
  • Auto-cast Skills (Auto-Protect, Auto-Refresh) or Auto-fill Skills (to get the LB gauge included, maybe even evocation gauge but that seems like a long shot)
  • Regenerative Skills (auto-lb, lb fill rate, mp refresh, hp regen, etc.)

Should things be alphabetical or grouped together by icon and then alphabetized? Alphabetized overall, and then only grouped by icon only in certain sections like Damage? --FencerTJ (talk)

For Others, should like abilities be grouped together? This could then be reflected in Damage, but then would it apply to buffs and debuffs? I guess the debuff/buff is more important than the damage itself, such that that governs where it goes. --FencerTJ (talk) 02:04, 1 December 2017 (UTC)