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On Dark Clouds (75 NRG), the objective that needs 3 elemental hits in a turn has a little issue: both types of enemies in the stage are fire resistant. I lost 100 lapis because of this. I was only equipped with fire element and had no imperil. I always assumed I could find at least a monster that is not resistant.

They probably can be hit with any imperil (if they have only 100% resistance). I cannot find the name of the monsters to see if this is exactly the case, or more important, if they are only resistant to fire.

--15:19, 18 March 2019 (UTC)

Bonus stage[edit source]

The strategy for this is pretty simple.

What you need:

  • Buffer
  • AoE Breaker
  • Healer
  • Physical/provoke tank
  • Two fire chainers with AoE damage moves

I used MS Nichol, HT Lid, Folka Merc Ramza, and two Hyoh.

Equip two units with light weapons for the first stage. I recommend the healer and tank.

Stage 1

This fight is simple. Depending on how strong your chainers are, you may be able to bring the monster down on turn 1. If so, tag the boss with the healer and tank to cover the element mission. Otherwise, just standard buff, break, physical guard until you can do enough damage.

Stage 2

This is a damage race. Buff, break, physical guard and chain until he dies. The faster the better. You should have enough esper orbs for the mission.

Stage 3

Here's where the AoE comes in. You need to kill the little rats every turn to keep Giga Rat locked down. Provoke first to draw most of the fire. The AoE aren't that bad with breaks and buffs up. Keep hitting Giga Rat until he dies, tacking on a long-cast spell at the end. 17:17, 23 March 2019 (UTC)