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Testimonial - Geryth[edit source]

I was barely able to complete this story event trial, and I missed the very last mission to kill Heartburn in 15 turns. I first tried this with two 6* Lilas and I couldn't win the second fight because of the fire imbue on my team constantly up after 50%. Also even when chaining their damage was super low. The first fight took me like 30 turns and the second fight was impossible to win. So recognizing my damage needs I sucked it up and did a step-up lap and lucked out to 7* High Seraph Ultima on the FFT banner currently up. I maxed her real quick and then gave it another go and was able to win.

My team was:

  1. 7* Eiko
  2. 6* MS Nichol
  3. 6* Shylt
  4. 6* Wilhelm
  5. 7* High Seraph Ultima
  6. Friend 7* Trance Terra

Everyone was built with status effect resist covering at least the debilitating ones (petrify, confuse, paralyze, sleep)

Shylt was built with Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Dark resist at or close to 100%. He ended with 4607 HP and 560 spirit was definitely undergeared, but he was just enough to get through.

Wilhelm was simply built for HP and DEF and his provoke role just fine with 11604 HP and 691 DEF.

My defenses were barely hanging on by a thread, but my DPS was great. High Seraph Ultima only has 1616 MAG but when chaining with T. Terra (1685 MAG) they got the job done quite well. I would have made the last mission in 15 turns if I didn't mess up a couple times, and definitely if I had a stronger magic cover tank or a MAG break available.

But every fight was essentially the same:

  1. Wilhelm provokes or defends
  2. Shylt magic covers, protects against Break with Interception, and hits himself with Reduction or defends if you know what's coming. On the last fight with Heartburn once I got below 50% Shylt was dying every other turn so he was only able to get a cover out every other turn.
  3. MS Nichol passing around Fortune Stance, Impregnable Stance, and mana when needed.
  4. High Seraph Ultima and T. Terra doing their DPS rotations.
  5. Eiko being a mana battery, removing MAG breaks when Shylt's Interception couldn't be up, reviving, and doing esper things when needed. She did a good job keeping Shylt alive with Emerald Light on the first two fights, but it wasn't enough for Heartburn.

There wasn't much difference in each fight, everyone used the same rotation when able. The only one who really changed up what they were doing was Shylt. In fight one he had a comfortable 3 turn rotation of magic cover, interception, and reduction, and did just fine. In fight two he had to drop Interception to defend on turns 5, 8, 11 etc. This made Eiko do more break removal when needed. In fight three he was constantly dying and only getting off magic covers when he was able to live. Eiko was also changing up what she was doing based on how Shylt was on any given turn (helping him survive with Emerald Light or removing breaks that he couldn't protect us from).

This would have been immensely easier if my Wilhelm was 7* to MAG break the last boss, or if I had any other good magic tank.

Anyway, my party was probably close to the very bottom of parties and stats able to complete this story event bonus stage. The last fight was a nail biter as Shylt kept dying and then next turn MS Nichol or DPS would die, but I was always able to restabilize somehow. You need a decent provoke tank, a good magic cover tank, and high non-elemental magic damage. Again I missed the 15 turn kill at the end but my party definitely was capable of doing it, I just messed up too many turns.

Easy way to beat Bonus Area[edit source]

My Units:

1. Chow 7★ (spr 1382, hp 14123, def 668)

2. Wilhelm 7★(def 1337, hp 15409, spr 690)

3. MS Nichol 7★ (hp 11391, spr 749, def 366, mp 1070)

4. HS Ultma 7★ (hp 9376, magic 2157, mp 898, spr 480, def 224)

5. Myra 7★ (hp 8809, spr 1337, mp 669, def 466)

Friend HS Ultma 7★ (lil over 2100 magic, lil over 6400 hp)

 Wilhelm had his tmr so all his stat alignments was null
 MS Nichol had the Ribbon plus Ravens Cape(forgot to take it off lol)
 Chow had L.Finas tmr for all alignments null.......
  Bonus Boss 1:
 Chow was doing his tanking and doing heals when Myra was doing her other abilities... He also used Guardian Blessing just in case...

 Wilhelm was tanking and provoking. Also used his Magic and Attack boost(I have that awaken +2) for the LB boost... I had his fire resist at 100%.... 

   MS Nichol was doing his usual impregnable stance/barrier stance/heroic stance/iceburg stance..... ect... also broke all elements(Ramah skill)... Also did Ice magic 1x for mission

   Myra was doing her barrier boost and her hit single ability(no CD skill cool down either lol) and her LB which dispels ALL bad/negative stats on all units... 

  HS Ultmas was only using Ultma ability (NOT the magic Ultma)... lightning and fire(for mission) and LB boost CD skill(so I can get quad cast up) 

Turn 1: lightning element 1x

Turn 2: fire element 1x

Turn 3: duel cast Ultma

Turn 4: Use LB boost CD skill

Turn 5: quadcast Ultma

Turn 6: quadcast Ultma

        • Didn't get the esper mission done due to me miscalculated on when to use Ramah****


    Boss 2:

HE WILL ADD FIRE ELEMENT TO ALL UNITS!! His defense is really high and can not break it.....

  Wilhelm tanked and provoked BUT him being the only unit that did physical damage he kept healing the boss when he evaded so make sure if you use any physical damage/physical tanks units that their attack is really low or they will keep healing the boss.

 Chow did his tanking and basically the same things that he did on boss 1 on the 2nd boss...... No LB though or you won't 3★ all missions and no items

 MS Nichol mainly did MP recovery when he wasn't doing his stances or CDs...

Myra did her barrier every turn with her hp ability

HS Ultmas killed boss on turn 5:
Turn 1: quadcast Ultmas
Turn 2: duel cast Ultmas
Turn 3: LB Boost CD
Turn 4: quadcast Ultmas
Turn 5: quadcast Ultmas

        • Didn't get all missions I used MP boost item, wasn't paying attention...****


     Boss 3:
  Myra used LB soon as fight started to get rid of all bad stats
Chow tanked (hp went down to little less than 3600 due to dark element)
Wilhelm tanked also
MS Nichol used the CD stances
Friend HS Ultma MP was at 4 so I used BOTH HS Ultmas LB so I can get quadcast
  Turn 2: 

Nichol did MP boost

Wilhelm provoked

Chow used Halloween candy item on my HS Ultma (didn't have enough mp to quadcast her ability)

Both HS Ultma used quadcast on ultma ability and killed boss on turn 2

Myra(didn't have to use her to heal or anything)

        • didn't get all missions due to beating the boss too quick****

        • MAKE SURE TO HAVE DECENT SPR ON ALL OF YOUR UNITS.... If you don't your units will.die on boss 3.... Make sure to break boss 3 Magic Boost if you are having issues or spr too low....****

Bonus Stage[edit source]

Units: Zargabaath (15000+ HP) Folka (1600+ spr) Sieghard (1500+ def 20000+ HP) Blossom Sage Sakura (1500+ mag) 2B (lightning saber) (1700+ atk) Friend: 2B (lightning saber) (2000+ atk)

Just my units but main ones needed perhaps the 2Bs, B.S Sakura and it helps to have fully enhanced Zargabaath. You can replace Folka and Sieghard with any healer and tank, Eiko is probably good alternative.

First battle with Snatcher: Zargabaath buffs and uses rejuvenate on following turns after unlocking dual cast Sakura uses celestial roar and pentacast following turn Sieghard uses I'm gorgeous and gorgeous pose back and forth Folka double casts sobering and flowing waters, and following turns rotates between magic mitigation and physical mitigation recast flowing and sobering if when turns are up. 2B uses supreme support to break and then uses true charge blade for limit build up and chaining Eventually the boss will imperil another element and you just have to wait around will it circles back to lightning element imperil. But if you follow the first two steps the boss will be at around 45-50% health, if he is immune to lightning again just use non elemental regular attacks to build esper orbs or limit crystals, and just wait it out. Use Sakura's lightning fortification to reduce some damage and rotate with zargabaath. when snatcher imperils lightning again use pentacast and 2B's support weapon and kill, throw in esper summon if going for the mission

Second battle with Cursed Knight He will imbue with fire to physical attackers, found it was easier to wait till it wore off as he wont cast till 50% to reimbue. Used sakura to damage just enough to ensure chaining could kill him Do the same as with the previous battle and start off with the first set of moves when attacking on the second turn use only Sakura to attack 2Bs just use passives/defend etc... When the imbue wears off, use sakura to imperil lightning or if you're lucky she'll have countered with shocking revenge and you don't need to. The 2B's chain yorha sword dance and throw in sakura's dualcast quick final thunder. This should kill it, cast holy from healer and you should be able to complete mission

Third Battle with Heartburns I've tried this several times before and always managed to complete the mission before 15 turns but you have to pay attention to when they imbue your 2Bs. Start off with Zargabaath's Arcadia's Might, Folka's Sobering and Flowing waters, Sieghard with I'm Gorgeous, Blossom Sage Sakura with Celestial Roar and the 2B's can just Pod Charge. Turn 2 Zargabaath rejuvenates B.S. Sakura and Folka, Folka uses magic mitigation and Deep Circle, Sieghard uses Gorgeous Pose, B.S. Sakura uses pentacast of Quick Thunder's Light, and 2Bs use Self Destruct. Surprisingly this does do damage to all the heartburns even with the dark imbues, I never really used the skill but I guess it has to do with the fixed damage mechanic or something. The heartburns should then kill the 2Bs and they can use the limit bursts and chain if you have them up or support weapon if you don't. Sakura can use the Quick Thunder's Light again double casted. Folka can go through her usual rotations, same with Sieghard. The rest is pretty straightforward I suppoose, Self-destruct with the 2B whenever imbued and make sure you have reraise either via Zargabaath or Folka, if you have Sakura's limit burst up use it and use Zargabaath's limit if its available for extra mitigation, one of the turns Heartburn dispels your team so you dont necessarily have to Self-Destruct that turn. I have tried this 4 times so far trying to clear the extra missions but you should have all the main rewards on your first run.

I understand that this has very specific units to use so might not be for everyone, but it was the only way I could complete it with a lack of Trance Terra's or the new Mages everyone uses.

Good Luck!

Testimonial 4[edit source]

7* Wilhelm, 7* Awakened Rain, 6* Soleil, 7* Trance Terra, 7* Ayaka, Friend Unit: 7* High Seraph Ultima

Very easy fights.

7* Wilhelm: 100% evade 7* Awakened Rain: 110%-130% lightning, dark, fire, ice resist 6* Soleil: nothing special here aside from +2 dances 7* Trance Terra: 1640 MAG 7* Ayaka: nothing special 7* High Seraph Ultima friend unit had over 2000 MAG. Unit was nice, but any high-MAG unit should work so long as you can do various types of elemental damage.

All units had full status resist.

All 3 fights, Wilhelm and A. Rain did cover and provoke non-stop. Party was never in any kind of danger at all.

Soleil kept breaks and buffs going. I used her for esper summons (she had Bahamut), but fights were easy enough that I could have let any unit take a break and do the summon.

Ayaka did Dedication nearly every turn all three fights. Mostly because there was nothing else I needed her to do. MP was never an issue. High Seraph Ultima can drain MP from enemies. If you use alternate nuker, you may need to watch MP a little closer than I did. Other main healers (LM Fina or Folka) shouldn't have any MP problems either.

Trance Terra nuked with either her Chaos abilities or double Ultima. Same with High Seraph Ultima - just use various nukes based on current enemy weaknesses/breaks. No tricks to it.

Nothing special to this Bonus Stage. Too easy.