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Talk:The Giant Gingerbread Man

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Hello and good Morning once again. It’s Zodiark with another trial boss guide on the demonic cookie. These are the factors you will want to consider for the fight. First he will Consume (magic based attack) for high damage and heal for 20% of the attack. The work around here is Reraise so Rikku, Ayaka, or any number of people with the ability will work here. It should be noted that he will do this turns 1, the 50% and with greater frequency past the 50% even capable of multiple uses per turn. Second, you will need an Atk Breaker, any number of them will do but I used Noctis for utility raising or reapply buffs with Link. This will take his normal damage and Body Slam (Physical AoE) to manageable numbers. Third, there is a “slight” chance that some of your members will be Stopped during Body Slam. Ayaka’s Time Detatch works great here. Finally, at 50% the boss will self buff with Angry Expression. Simply dispel boss, refresh ATK debuff, Raise/Reraise as need, and continue to apply pressure on the boss. He is a demon so Diablos, Sun Barette and other Demon Killer passives will work great here. Boss has no elemental moves or debuffs aside from random Stops on Body Slam. So basically you will need a Breaker, A rezzer/Reraise engine, and 3 dps (triple Orlandeau’s work great I hear) you are comfortable using should be enough to get all challenges for this fight. DONT FORGET TO SUMMON AN ESPER LIKE I DID!!! Now I’m going to spam labyrinth for about a week...

Thanks, Zodiark: Eb here; I would like to add that I won with Lunneth (spam cut thru- any capper would work), Mystea (stop resist, aoe tank rotation), V of Dark (any breaker/dps will work-Agrias etc), Noctis for backup Rez/Damage/break) and Refia for Rez/heal (again, most decent healers are fine. Keeping breaks up really, REALLY kept the damage low- just make sure to also keep stop resists up and have a unit or 2 that can dispel. I played it safe and took more than 10 turns, now I’ll go grab a friends 2bA3PO (since I don’t have 3 Orlandu atm haha!) and kill him turn 1 I guess! -Eb-

Bring Ayaka, Orlandu, GL Sakura, Cloud, Fryevia and Friend Orlandu. break the cookies ATK and MAG and chain 50 he gets angry, just dispel, break and chain. heal as needed.cast esper when it comes up or save for last hit. unless your units are squishy , dont worry about reraise. just raise and heal as needed

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Eternal Winter - Snow Village -ELT (2017) 1-2round win by falconX. Giant gingerbread man

Party: Silvia(650atk), WoL, Ashe(800mag), Demon rain, Cloud(998atk) Friend- Cloud or Orlando or onion knight.

Round1: WoL full break or armor break, Ashe -heaven fury, Silvia -AoE light for chain, Cloud -meteor strike, demon rain -ignite+2. Friend: cloud does meteor rain or Orlando divine ruination or onion does onion slice.

Round2: WoL -light with us. Demon rain -demon revenge. Others = repeat.

Can swap demon rain with any character with attack/mag+ buffs. Cloud with trance Terra. Have fun. Happy New year's 2018!!!! --Gogamer2018 (talk) 18:13, 30 December 2017 (UTC) _______________________________________________________________________

Testimony (OBAMA Trial)[edit source]

Party was DarkMan, Agrias, Wilhelm, Garnet and friend Ayaka.

Agrias and DarkMan are chainers with Breaking abilities. A good Tank should be more than capable of taking Consume with high enough HP, DEF, mitigation, whatever combination of those plus the Break. I used Wilh but others should work to take in Consume without dying the first. Just in case Ayaka has Reraise and Stop Detach for later. Garnet for the mission, she was equipped with Mog Wisdom, Aigaion Fist and Prodigy Goggles to make LB filling quite easy, many of her equips/materia raised her HP and SPR so she was fine, besides Wilhelm would take the attacks and Body Slam was survivable.

So basically you know the drill, Wilh is the punching bag with additional buff support, Ayaka has heals and Reraise plus MP battery. DarkMan and Agrias do what they do best (really under this setup no need to hold back on the 50% thing, just go at it him with full power, Garnet should fill the LB and get the Esper Gauge ready in time).

Wilhelm will most likely die on the Angry Expression, Consume turn but with Reraise that's negligible. With his buffs and a break on the Boss, his normal attacks are just a buzz and Body Slam is annoying at best. If you do not have as much gear to quickly raise Garnet's LB then you could consider holding back somehow, but I really think it shouldn't be needed, given she will raise the LB pretty darn fast not to mention the Esper Gauge as well, you should be just fine pummeling the sucker and then a single use of Garnet's LB should set you.

I killed him in something like 9 turns but I did hold back a bit tho, otherwise I could have crushed his ass in like 7 turns or so. --BGMaxie (talk) 20:06, 29 December 2017 (UTC)

My first try I didn't bother with the 5-man and just went in with my latest fave team: WoL, Luka, Roy, Agrias, 2B, friend 2B. Both 2B's were 1000+ ATK and had diabolas. Mine had sun barrette, not sure about friend.

I have a Mystea but I just couldn't be bothered gearing her up & just thought I'd try and ride my luck with the stops. I would bring her in if I was getting too much grief, I thought. As it turned out I did get hit twice with stops on my first go, but went through the second time completely unscathed. Luka had Bushido Freedom for dispelling it, but wouldn't you know it, she was the one that got stopped the first time it happened.

Agrias wasn't really needed so I left her out for the 5-man challenge. Come to think of it I could probably have left Luka out since she didn't have a lot to do and regen is part of Roy's repertoire.

For those not familiar with Roy, he starts out with 100% DEF/SPR buffs on turn 1. 100% ATK/MAG buffs kick in on turn 3 (so 2B's attacks are un-buffed for the first 2 turns). His Full-breaks kick in on turn 5, so WoL needs to do the breaks on turns 1 and 4. Oh and did I mention he is also an MP battery? I am F2P so I am very lucky to have him.

Anyway, I started out going after the esper mission by just doing normal attacks. This was definitely not the way to go, as it took until turn 8 to get the esper gauge full. Then I took 2 turns using speed to finish off the big biscuit, so I only just made the 10 turns goal.

On the second go, I started out with speed/extract speed from the get go. He fully healed himself after turn 1, but after turn 3 I had him down to 60% health and the esper gauge was full. After that I did avoid on turn 4 and finished him in one go with avoid attack on turn 5 thus avoiding his threshold attacks. So that is my advice to fellow 2B users: speed/extract speed down to about 60%, some normal attacks if the esper gauge isn't quite full, then finish it off with avoid attack.

Edit: a couple of things I just thought to add:

  • I only just realised that Luka & Roy's regen don't stack, so Luka was even more redundant than I thought. I just did a quick test, and Luka's regen is only doing about 500 more heal than Roy's. And Roy isn't even tooled up properly. So as much as I love Luka, there could be a case for Y'shtola or Refia coming back into the team.
  • That being said, Luka actually copped the turn 1 consume both times... and survived both times! She's a tough gal.
  • I forgot to mention that when Luka (and 2B) got stopped the first time, I just waited out the 3 turns. It wasn't all that much of a deal.
  • When it happened the second time, I used bushido freedom, and wiped out all my buffs with Roy in mid-song. Oops! But again, it wasn't all that much of a deal.

Hello, everyone! Northwind here!

I just wanted to point out that in this fight it's possible to find yourself in a situation in which you cannot win, but you also cannot lose unless you deliberately throw the fight.

This nasty cookie's Consume move heals it by 20% of its maximum HP, and can be used an unlimited number of times (though, with the exception of Turn 1, only when its HP is below 50%). This can create a unwinnable situation if you go in with a party that can't deal at least 20% per turn.

HOWEVER, an unwinnable situation is not necessarily a losing situation. I went in with: Amelia, Tidus, Mystea, Ashe, and Ayaka

Now, this cookie doesn't deal much damage, but its DEF and SPR are rather high. The result here is that this party is only dealing 1-2% per turn to it, but it is completely unable to deal much damage to us either. Tidus keeps everyone's stats buffed with Get Pumped and their MP full with Blitz Mania, Amelia keeps the cookie's ATK and MAG broken with Arm Shot, and Ayaka does what she does best. The result is that we can sustain indefinitely. The cookie cannot win.

This becomes a problem, however, because at only 1-2% damage per turn, we need 10-20 turns to overcome one Consume. As Consume can be used at any time under 50% HP, we'd need AT LEAST 25 straight turns without the cookie using Consume in order to kill it. Even with the relatively low odds of it using Consume, that's unlikely to happen. As of this writing, the battle is at 131 turns, our HP and MP are full, and we've never seen it at lower than 46% HP before it used Consume (to jump back to 66%). We also cannot win.

I'm going to keep fighting (giving up isn't my style), but I just wanted to draw attention to what can happen if a boss has unlimited heals at their disposal. --Northwind858 (talk) 03:53, 30 December 2017 (UTC)

Basically same as Northwind. I went in with low dps, high sustain party, and found that the cookie used his healing far too often for me to have any hope of killing him. After an hour of bouncing below and back above 50%, he decided to use Body Slam 4 times in one turn, wiping out enough of my party that I just gave up. Basically, don't bother unless you have some top-rated exploitatious damage dealers.