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Both of the final bosses on the extra stages are -50% weak against light. Bring a Divine Ruination team with excalibur, or other light weapons.

[edit] Gah! The final boss on Extra stage 2, "experiment #44", does both phys & mag damage mitigation on itself that you can't seem to dispel. I beat it, in the end, but failed the no KO goal along the way. You have been warned!

Extra Stage 2 boss's buff can't be removed by Dispel or Dispelga but can be removed by Pressure (found on Loren); downside is that it's more than likely on your breaker/phys DPS like Loren is want to do lol. Might want to bring WoL or another tank that can break as well so you can do a turn using Pressure then re-breaking with the tank. Zomboni #44 goes down fairly fast without his mitigation buff.

Extra Stage 1 boss will start healing itself for 600k/turn for the rest of the battle when you get it below 50% or 60%ish It will also put your characters to sleep if they don't have protection from it. It also hits pretty hard. Shouldn't be hard to burn down, though, even for most minnows with only 3 or 4 months of play time.

You will want to use something like HyperNullAll on turn 1 or you risk having half your chars dead on turn 2 from the hit back if you can't OTKO....edit: You cant use HyperNullAll until the second turn. Must use Mix first.

Probably can do it with the same A team you use for most hard content. I didn't use a tank, I just used the same team I used in all the other lower story zones and the free Killian to get the achievement.

Some people will not be able to beat this boss because this boss will heal itself 600k per turn to full health. I have tried everything I can to beat it but couldnt. I figured out that he will only do 60k heal per turn if you do holy or banish on him...or "light damage"

Extra Stage 2 boss gets a super massive buff on itself that drops your damage by like 99% or something during some turns, but it seems like it goes away after a while. I did half damage, then next to no damage for a few turns, and then another half damage again quickly after that.

The defense buff is like an orange/red star. Might as well just focus on defense when that is active.

If anyone is having trouble with the boss in extra phase 2, i FTKO'ed him using the following composition:

Tank - WoL, break'ed him
Healer (didn't need to, but anyway) - Ayaka, did Embolden
Summoner - Yuna, summoned friend's Bahamut
1st DPS - DW Sephiroth, Heaven's Wept
2nd DPS - eOrlandeau, divine ruination
friend unit - eOrldandeau, divine ruination

For newer players / having trouble doing the esper mission parameter, break/buff, set the dps'ers abilities, summon esper, as soon as the animation ends/skips, press auto, if you can FTKO him, all missions complete.

Anyone needing some units help, i can put up yuna/landu/seph, just add me, my ID 917,735,182, good luck everyone.

Some stats on Bonus Stage 2-5 boss.

Experiment #44

HP: 1,700,000
MP: 10,000

Weakness: fire, light (-50%)
Resist: water, wind, earth (+50%)

Null to all status ailments

All of the enemies are reapers, so bring undead killers.

Experiment #44 will cast Defensive Instinct that gives it a very high physical and magical resistance (don't know exact number, but it has to be close to 90%). He also has an ability called Pistol Shot that will temporarily remove an ally from battle.

Defensive Instinct is cast in response to being attacked. If you don't attack when it is up, it will go away next turn. Basically you can only do damage every other turn.

If anyone wants some help, I can share members from my team:

Cid and DV with undead killers (1k+), 1k Trance Terra with Rikku's Pouch, Basch with 10k+ HP/470 SPR/500+ DEF/50% innate provoke, or Lunera geared as bard. All sleep immune.

I can also gear my OK for the event if needed.


sic#9510 on discord

Sic4672 (talk) 22:18, 20 May 2018 (UTC)

Testimonial 5 - Astra[edit source]

Extra Stage 1
Malacoda heals 600000 hp below 50% and 60000 hp above that. I was unable to one-shot Malacoda with 2 Xons (pod 153 mirage light elemental chains and 40% EVO-MAG bahamut) because I didn't bring any breakers so I brought its HP down to 55%, before using the cheese.

Extra Stage 2
Experiment #44 is easy to one-shot if you fill up Heavenly Technician Lid's LB (-70% all stats) and since she's provided and required for one of the missions, I brought her along. To ensure I did enough damage, I included in my team 2 Enhanced Agrias (equipped with light weapons and undead killers) for Divine Ruination chains. The rest of my team was made up of 2 Xons and 1 Lara Croft, which was equipped with 40% EVO-MAG.

--Astra (talk) 17:58, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

For the Defensive Instinct buff, I didn't read on it, and assumed it was a reaction to being attacked, but after putting everybody on defense, he still did it. I thought I was mistaken but given the other testimonials, what's more likely is that when someone on your team counters (as Sephiroth did with Scitilla) it triggers the defensive instinct on next turn.