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Unconfirmed; Great Malboro doesn't seem to generate LB crystals. And supposedly Manufactured Nethecite can catch Devour. - Maximum joeeh (talk) 14:29, 17 August 2017 (UTC)

Can someone explain the math on the supposed Setzer Cheese suggested in the article?
Perfect Double Dice is 77k, and with killers halved for this fight, I just can't see how you'd be able to get anywhere close to 10m damage, no matter the elemental chain.
--Dreamer2329 (talk) 00:56, 20 August 2017 (UTC)

Semi-confirmed; The "Defeat great malboro with a limit burst" only applies to the first kill (should you kill it multiple times). [1] - Maximum joeeh (talk) 14:31, 3 January 2018 (UTC)

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One way to success in many others[edit source]

Global needs in your team[edit source]

Hi everyone, I just passed this trial and, after thinking a bit about how to build the team, I figured out that it's really not that difficult (when you have the units to fill the roles described later on of course).

Talking about units and upon my experience (short but effective as it seems), you will need :

 - A provoke tank
 - A magic cover tank
 - A buffer
 - A healer
 - Two damage dealer

"Oh my god did he really almost describe a classic team...?" Yeah, I did, but read what's next :

You'll need to attach these skills to your characters :

 - Break Immune (not mandatory but really useful)
 - Dark resistance buff (of gear your Magic cover tank with dark resistance)
 - As much Confuse resist as you can, especially if your damage dealer deal physical damage
 - A cure to a lot of status ailment (Petrify, Paralyze, Sleep, maybe Blind if you rely on physical attacks)
 - A mana battery
 - Some reraise (as much as possible will still constitue a safety net)
 - A def/spr breaker depending on the damaging way you choose because you will need to :
 - Be able to kill the two adds within 3 turns (2 turns is safer in case of any emergency)

My team was[edit source]

- Provoke tank : Veritas of the Earth

      -> He can provoke innately but it only lasts two turns (=> Golem equipped for 3 turns provoke. Some attacks didn't land on him but the other units were still very safe overall).
      -> He can immune the team against breaks

- Magic cover tank : Basch

      -> Magic cover with high mitigation
      -> Global Def/Spr break

The tanks have one turn with no action to do with this rotation, use it as needed (summon Ifrit? Guard? Buff themselves? Reapply buffs/debuffs?)

- Buffer : Maritime Strategist Nichol (Friend)

      -> Very high stats buffs combined with break immunity
      -> Can provide Dark resistance
      -> Can mitigate damage for the whole team
      -> Apply a strong regen and a strong refresh
      -> Mana battery if needed

- Healer : Lotus Mage Fina

      -> Very high heal
      -> Status ailment cure (almost all ailments)
      -> Reraise on demand, can be dualcasted innately
      -> Group reraise on limit burst
      -> Group full raise in case of emergency
      -> Mana battery

You healer needs to be immune to the ailment described earlier (Sleep, Petrify, Paralyze, Silence if you plan to use white magic to cure ailments).

- Damage Dealers : Trance Terra x2

       -> Easy chain, Heavy damages
       -> Can full raise if needed of aoe heal a bit
       -> Innate evade (golem's provoke ain't 100%)

The stats[edit source]

First of all, your units all need to have at least 5k Hp or you will get into trouble raising 'em again and again if some hits land on them.

You can build your provoke tank as an evade tank, it will help him a lot but the physical damages ain't that heavy.

You should build your magic cover tank with dark resistance, almost all of the aoe magic attacks hit dark.

Here are the stats my team had :

VoE : 6820 Hp, 463 Def, 322 Spr, Golem equipped, Ribbon equipped, 0% Evasion.

Basch : 7900 Hp, 422 Def, 423 Spr, 90% Evasion.

LM Fina : 6650 Hp, 402 Mp, 335 Mag, 256 Def, 755 Spr, Own TMR equipped (100% Resistance all ailments)

Trance Terra's : 5000 Hp, 900+ Mag, 300 Spr, 200 Def (rounded)

MS Nichol : 5000 Hp, 380 Mag, 715 Mp, 200 def, 299 Spr

The fight[edit source]

What's really essential to do in this fight is :

- Keep provoke and magic cover up at anytime. (You can skip provoke sometimes but it's not really recommended... You're warned !)

- Keep defensive buffs up at anytime (Def/Spr Buff & Mitigation Buff > Dark resistance Buff & Atk/Mag Buff)

- If you feel the healer has some free time, dualcast reraise on :

     1 - Magic cover tank
     2 - Your healer
     3 - Provoke tank
     4 - Your buffer
   5/6 - Your damage dealers

- Keep in mind that you MUST kill the adds on the turns multiple of 4 when Malboro has more than 50% Hp, and on the turns multiple of 3 when Malboro has less than 50% Hp. This will allow you to skip Devour and Berserk Touch, and trust me, you want to skip these attacks.

- If one trance terra dies, when she will cast her own buff, do as well with the other one so that they are synchronized (if you can and need to kill the adds on the on going turn, forget buffs, kill it, you'll awaken next turn).

- Tanks rotations are easy to manage, try to cast defensive buffs/debuffs right before the multiple of 4 or multiple of 3 turn so that if anything goes wrong you'll be more likely able to turtle until you handle your emergency.

- Keep an eye on your mana, it could be a bad idea to run out of this precious little thing.

Finaly[edit source]

I can't think of other tips right now, maybe I miss a big something but can't remember yet so let's say it's all you need.

I hope it will help you, don't hesitate to ask questions (below?). Cya folks !

--Tearsrabies (talk) 12:41, 20 July 2018 (UTC)