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Testimonials[edit source]

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Party: Tank: Vertias Earth about 8.5k health, Demon Shield, 15% Dark Resist Materia, Mech. Heart Materia. Chainer 1: Tidus about 800 attack. Cupid Sandals for Dark Resist. Chainer 2: Orlandeau about 820 attack Diablos Esperanza for Man/Demon killer. Sun Barette. Healer/support Rikku about 7k Hp. Overdrive weapon. Mog Wisdom 15% hp materias Support/Breaker Ramza about 7k hp. More 15% materia. Friend was another Orlandeau about 1K attack

Turn 1: Provoke with Vertias, Rikku uses synthesis to unlock Hyper null-all for turn 2. Ramza uses Mind Break. Everyone else defends. Shadow lord does minimal damage to group.

Turn 2: Vertias uses Guardian. Rikku uses Hyper-Null All. Ramza uses Weapon break. Rest of team auto attacks. Shadow Lord has Spirit down so saving bigger moves for Def down. He does even less damage as Vertias soaks the damage and goes on a countering spree.

Turn 3: If Rikku has full LB, use Hyper Mighty G. At this point it's just defend with everyone till Shadow Lord gets Def. Down when that happened used Ramza's Hero's Rhyme (for God's sake Gumi, give us this awakening...) and chained Shadow Lord. First round of damage took him to 53%. Second round of damage ran him over.

In short break moves work ,but stick to Atk/Mag breaks, bring Dark element Resist, some eye drops in case you have to remove blind, and gear attackers for Demon/Man eater and you'll do fine. I'm sure you could beat him with a Mage group during Mind down phase, but they have less hp and went safer route with chainers.

Hope this helps. - Zodiark

This battle may seem daunting at first, but given the right team composition and friend unit it can go by quite smoothly.

Three things are key for survival: An AoE Tank (preferably with Mechanical Heart), sufficient Paralysis, Blind, and Silence immunity (which can be found both innately in units and easily through story equipment), and a Light and Dark Resistance Buffer (Minfilia is the best choice here). Since there are no thresholds and no exceptionally powerful attacks, if you can maintain a steady Cover and Resistance, then you should be able to bring along any healer and survive quite easily.

Obviously in order for this battle to go quickly, you'll need two DPS Elemental Chainers. Personally, I enjoy using Orlandeau (with a friend Orlandeau). I suggest Physical DPS over Magical DPS because, if you can deal enough damage, you'll complete the trial by turn 2 or 3.

My party composition:

-- Orlandeau (maxed out ATK as possible, mine personally hovering around 900.)

-- Soleil (Exceptional ATK and DEF buffs, and reliable ATK debuff on the +2 Panzer Dance skill.)

-- Aileen (Decked out for attack as well, but she also has Recovery Oil for some healing and jeweled ring to ensure she doesn't get paralyzed. If you plan on using Orlandeau for damage, feel free to replace Aileen with a healer.)

-- Warrior of Light (As much HP and DEF as possible. Currently hovering around 8,000 HP and 400 DEF. Standard rotation of Light Is With Us -> Arms Eraser -> Guard.)

-- Minfilia (Exceptionally useful to mitigate damage. Rotation of Shadow Guard -> Shining Guard -> Support as necessary. If you don't have Minfilia, anyone with both Dark and Light resistance buffs should be useful.)

-- Friend; Orlandeau/Aileen (Either one is going to be chaining for elemental damage.)

Turn 1: You're going to do less than 1% damage this round, but that's fine. This is the setup round. Light is With Us, Panzer Dance, and Shadow Guard need to be set up, then chain your damage attacks. Turn 2: The Shadow Lord will debuff his defense, so this is your time to strike. Use Soleil's Schwert Dance +2 first, then chain your attacks for some damage. If he isn't dead, be sure to do Arms Eraser, Shining Guard, and heal as necessary. Turn 3: Attack once again. Ideally, he should be down for the count after this. If he isn't, then over the next 2-3 turns he's going to be doing a barrage of magic attacks. To survive, make sure that: 1) Shadow Guard and Shining Guard are active. 2) The Light is With Us is active. 3) You are able to heal each turn, be it via a Regen ability or by a healer. 4) His ATK/MAG is debuffed. Once you see him doing more physical attacks rather than magic attacks, then that's your cue to ramp up the physical damage again.

Good luck!--Chanpion brawler (talk) 12:01, 15 September 2017 (UTC)

Since I lack of Orlandeau and similar base 5* units, my strategy takes more time... but it's a safer route.

My party is:

  • 2x Agrias (dumped, not enough materials to enhance her)
    • Both with DW, Excalibur, another strong weapon (Katanas, in my case), highest ATK possible (in my case, 750 and 682), Discernment.
  • Refia (Fully enhanced)
    • Dualcast, Diabolos Esper, Highest Dark Resistance possible (Staff of Wrath, Soul Crow, Vestment of Mind, Ribbon, DEfender's Bracer, 3x Hydaelyn Guard, Dualcast - SPR 378, Dark Resistance 95%)
  • Warrior of Light
    • Highest DEF/HP possible (Iron Will, Aegis Shield, Grand Helm, Carabini Mail, Cupid's Sandals, Ribbon, Resentment, Mechanical Heart, 2x Vengeful Wrath - HP 7730 and DEF 392)
  • Ace (Fully enhanced)
    • Highest MAG possible (Draco Spike, Chapeau, Great Mage's Robe, Magical Scrunchie, Ribbon, 4x Sage's Prajna - MAG 685)
  • Friend Unit: can be Orlandeau or 2B for DPS chains (She's awesome here because her evade-and-attack cycle), or , Ace for Magic chains.

1st Turn:

  • Refia: Embolden
  • Warrior of Light: Arms Eraser
  • Ace: Triple Slip
  • Agrias: Guard
  • Friend:
    • Orlandeau: you can perform Crush Weapon and, therefore, change WoL's move to Light is with us.
    • Ace: Triple Slip
    • 2B: Evade

2nd Turn:

  • Refia: 2x Curaga
  • Warrior of Light: Light is with us!
  • Ace: Tri-beam Laser (Hope for a red one ;-D )
  • Agrias: Divine Ruination
  • Friend:
    • Orlandeau: Divine Ruination
    • Ace: Tri-beam Laser (Hope for a red one ;-D )
    • 2B: Evade Attack

3rd Turn:

  • Refia: 2x Curaga
  • Warrior of Light: Arms Eraser (maintain Shadow Lord damage under control after change his weakness)
  • Agrias: Divine Ruination
  • Friend:
    • Orlandeau: Divine Ruination
    • Ace: Tri-beam Laser (Hope for a red one ;-D )
    • 2B: Evade Attack

And the strategy goes on until it's done.

IMPORTANT: You probably are wondering "Why this strategy didn't care about what weakness is active on Shadow Lord?" Because the START of the chain is the key to the success: if SPR is down, start chaining Agrias Divine Ruination, followed by Ace's Tri-beam Laser; if DEF is down, start with Tri-beam Laser and then use Divine Ruination. Although the first hits won't damage Shadow Lord, they will increase the chain count and then, when the "real" attacks start, they will get a high number of hits made by the "fake" chain.

It took 5 turns to finish him up at ELT!

Well, I hope these tips can help you! Good luck!

Best Regards, --Herlesonpontes (talk) 13:49, 15 September 2017 (UTC)


  • Tank: Warrior of Light, 15% Dark Resist Materia, Mech. Heart Materia, equipments and abilities to maximize DEF and SPR.
  • Chainer: 2 Orlandeau with Diablos.
  • Chainer 2: Friend Orlandeau with Diablos.
  • Support: Rikku
  • Buff/Breaker: Soliel with 1 offensive and 1 defensive with Awakening +2
  • Healer: Tilith/Lunera

Each Orlandeau has 900 ATK.


  • WoL: Light is with us -> ATK/MAG break -> Defence -> repeat
  • Rikku: Mix -> HyperNullAll -> anything to support team -> repeat
  • Soleil: Panzer Dance -> Schwert Dance -> repeat
  • Tilith: Defence first turn, from second turn, it is either Guard, Goddess's Miracle or Prism Heal based on situation
  • Lunera: Sing until the end
  • Two Orlandeau: First turn normal attack, second turn attack with Divine Ruination. If Shadow Lord is weak to physical attack, continue on next turn, else, wait.

With this setup, if WoL is tough enough, no one will ever die. With 2 900+ ATK Orlandeau and good chain, Shadow Lord can be killed in 2 turn that it is weak to physical attack.

This party relies on two Orlandu's as I find most of the time Shadow Lord drops it's DEF.

WoL - Gigantaxe, Dragon Shield, Grand Helm, Force Armor, Defender's Bracer, Domination Ring, Mechnical Heart materia
Tilith - Soul Crown, Vestment of Mind, Candy Basket, Vitality Apparatus
Orlandu - Genji Blade, Excalibur, Black Cowl, Demon Mail, Sun Barrette, Ifrit's Claw, Diablos Esper
Friend Orlandu - Just look for one with ~850 Atk with Diablos and Excalibur
Last two party members don't really do much, but I use Olive, in case I don't perfectly chain with the Orlandu's, with the Demon Killer materia, and Zyrus, who uses Imperil.

Turn 1:
WoL - Light is with us!
Tilith - Celestial Light
Orlandu - Crush Weapon
Zyrus - Imperil
Friend Orlandu & Olive - Defend

Turn 2: (if Def is dropped)
Tilith : Goddess's Miracle or Radiant Light (if needed, otherwise, defend)
2 Orlandu's: Divine Ruination chain
Everyone else: Defend

Turn 3:
Tilith - Celestial Light
2 Orlandu's: Chain again.

Simple old-school strat that's been used since Orlandu came into the game. No need for enhancements or crazy TMR's. Only 5* is Orlandu and Tilith can be easily replaced with another healer and a buffer can take Olive or Zyrus's spot.

Note: I find that Shadow Lord casts silence when he drops it's DEF and blind when he drops it's SPR, which doesn't make sense, but that is what I noticed. -Guardianmarcus

This party relies on two 2B's as I find most of the time Shadow Lord drops it's DEF.

Party: Tank: Warrior of Light. Maximize it's HP and dark resistance. Elemental Potector: Minfilia. Healer/Buffer: Tillith Finisher: Lunneth Chainer: 2B Friend: 2B

Turn 1: WoL: Full Break Minfilia: Shadow Guard Tillith: Celestial Light Lunneth: Advance 2Bs: Avoid

Turn 2: WoL: Light is With Us! Minfilia: Defend / Cast Call to Attack to units Tillith: Goddess's Miracle (heal any blind/paralysis) 2Bs: Avoid Attack Lunneth: Cut Through

Turn 3: 2Bs: Extract Speed Lunneth: Cut Through.

If in any case Shadow Lord debuff his SPR first, just defend first.

Team Composition:

• Any support with attack buff
• Any healer
• Any support with dark resist buff
• Any 3 chainers with same element (not dark) - imperil effect can come from anyone

With Soleil (Schwert Dance x 2), Ashe, Marie, 2B (earth damage, demon killer x 1, man eater x 1, 791 attack), Aileen (demon killer x 1, 857 attack), Aileen (friend ~900 attack) I've killed him on turn 2.

I run Aileen and 2B, both with earth weapons. My friend is usually another Aileen or Onion Knight

Turn 1

• Soleil: Panzer Dance (awakened +2)
• Ashe: Mediate
• Marie: Love You All
• 2B: Avoid
• Aileen (both): Guard

Turn 2

• Soleil: Schwert Dance (awakened +2)
• Ashe:  Heaven's fury or Northswain's Glow
• Marie: Lovely Guard (awakened +2)
• 2B: Avoid Attack
• Aileen (both): Piledrive

Turn 3

• 2B: Extract Speed
• Aileen (both): Piledrive

This party relies on a single Chizuru with Molt awakened, as well as a few items

Team Composition:



Turn 1

  • Press "Auto". Now go grab a coffee.

--Dreamer2329 (talk) 17:06, 16 September 2017 (UTC)

No healer comp:

  • WoL: Arms eraser -> Light is with us -> Embolden if you have good stats, otherwise guard -> repeat
  • Rikku: Mix -> HyperNulAll -> elemental chaining move (or Al bhed potion if needed) -> repeat
  • Ashe: Meditate -> Northswain's Glow if needed, otherwise use Sword of Kings (physical) or Heaven's Fury (magic) and repeat
  • 3 DPS units: repeat standard chaining/finishing moves

Give WoL mechanical heart and your best defensive equipment (mine had 7650 HP, 450 DEF and 200 SPR and never fell below 50% HP when guarding). Only Ashe needs paralysis resistance. If your WoL can't survive to use Embolden, try to choose magic DPS units to make use of Ashe's meditate.

Fully awakened Firion with DW and an upgraded Legend Killer and Fin Briar, equipped with a Sun Barette/ Demon Killer materia and Diabolos esper will deal *significant* damage to the boss as a finisher (with breaks and +630 ATK, he deals over -100,000 with each strike). He finishes extremely well with any chainer.

Awakened Legend Killer has 100% Damage against Demons AND Humans. Coupled with Firion's innate, separate Demon Killer, this makes Firion a go-to unit for this trial. With my 632 ATK Fully-awakened Firion DW with Excaliber and Bowie Knife, equipped with Sun Barette and Diabolos, I deal more cumulative damage with Fin Briar than my friend's 980 ATK Olive single strike.



my strategy takes more time but a sure win, im an f2p player who luckily pulled some 5*, and have limited TM, i havent even finish trials so hope this helps others like me

my party

debuffer/ WOL - demon shield, mighty hammer, grand helm, force armor, vitality apparatus, cupid sandals, golem, 2 vengeful wrath (i dont have mechanical heart and regenerator doesnt work), dark resist 15%, mog rise materia

buffer / MINFILIA - survival edges, sage robe, crown of justice, domination ring, rains insignia, lakshmi, 3 hp15%, protection of the twelve

healer/ REFIA (non enhanced) - aura staff, crown of justice, vestment of mind, defenders bracer, domination ring, carbuncle, shard of genius, 2 hp15%, dualcast (grinded for this)

phys damger, chainer / AGRIAS (non enhanced) - purple lightning, durandal, black bandana, onion armour, sun barrette, domination ring, diabolos, DW, followers oath, adventurer, blade mastery (or just fill then with followers oath)

mgc dmge, healer / REM - def dagger, draco spike, creepy mask, cupids robe, genji glove, magical scrunchie, ramuh, sages prajna, encore, mag 15%, false saint

friend: orlandeau for divine ruination chain (or any heavy physical damager friend, 900+ atck with diabolos is ok)

1ST TURN wol, arms eraser minfilia, shadow guard refia, embolden rem, triple slip, agrias, guard orlandeau, guard

2ND TURN wol, light is with us / minfilia, waking protection / refia, DC cura (to save on mp)

if blinded REM - dagger boomerang / agrias orlandeau (guard)

if silenced rem - healing prayer / agrias orlandeu - divine ruination

3RD TURN wol, guard / minfilia, demons whisper to any unit who needs mp / refia, dc cura

if blinded REM - dagger boomerang / agrias orlandeau (guard)

if silenced rem - healing prayer / agrias orlandeu - divine ruination

4TH TURN wol, arms eraser / minfilia, shadow guard / refia, dc cura

if blinded REM - dagger boomerang / agrias orlandeau (guard)

if silenced rem - healing prayer / agrias orlandeu - divine ruination

5TH TURN wol, light is with us / minfilia, waking protection / refia, DC cura (to save on mp)

if blinded REM - dagger boomerang / agrias orlandeau (guard)

if silenced rem - healing prayer / agrias orlandeu - divine ruination

6TH TURN wol, guard / minfilia, demons whisper to any unit who needs mp / refia, dc cura

if blinded REM - dagger boomerang / agrias orlandeau (guard)

if silenced rem - healing prayer / agrias orlandeu - divine ruination

and so the cycle goes, just be flexible if situation needs (refia to dc curaga, or curaga+cura, or curaga+curada depending on hp of other units, she can also full raise) rem to healers prayer whenever the blind turn ends and silenced turn starts (to cure agrias and orlandeau of blind before chaining divine ruination)

you'll kill the boss between turn 11-16 depending on how strong your orlandeau or physical damger friend is, and your physical and magic damager units (hope you filled all pots needed)

hope this helps

-- friendlyneighbor

I am doing well with this compo:

1: WoL - Arms Eraser/Light is with me

2: Luka - Deep Blue turn 1, then regen/priestess miracle as needed (my Luka is not even properly enhanced... yet :)

3: Minfilia - Shadow guard turn 1, Assault Order turn 2 (regardless of DEF/SPR break since it lasts 5 turns & battle will be over by turn 6), then further boost individual ATK's with Call to Attack

4: Agrias (not actually enhanced yet, but equipped with dw & Holy Lance for unenhanced divine ruination Light chains)

5: 2B ... my pride and joy as a F2P'er ... equipped to 950+ATK with Excal for Light chains, plus Diabolos & Sun Barrette for Demon killers

Friend unit is preferably a like-minded 2B (often for OTK), but pretty much any 2B or Orlandeau works ok, to finish in 2 turns once the DEF drops.

Additional notes:

1) 2B's should always start with Avoid on turn 1, then Avoid Attack on turn 2 if DEF is down, else defend on turn 2, then back to Avoid on turn 3. Often you will see 2B retaliate at the end of turn 1 with 20k hits... this means that DEF is debuffed... yay!

2) Avoid using full-break. Why? because the def/spr breaks don't help, and it can confuse you if you are trying to work out if boss has debuffed DEF or SPR... and you can't remember that Silence means DEF debuff??? so just stick with WoL arms eraser :)

3) I started with Emperor (in place of Agrias) doing fire from below, just for fun plus see how that would go, but switched to Agrias with DR light chaining & it is so much better. Trust me :)

4) Early on, I was doing Pod Charge in turn 2 on 2B (if SPR buff was up), followed by the lightning buff thingy, which simply gets wiped by the debuff at the end of turn 3. So that was pointless. Just stick with the Avoid combo.

-- 17:32, 18 September 2017 (UTC)

Farming PRO with a low ELT party[edit source]

Description of my capabilities

I consider my capabilities and best party "low ELT" as in I have been able to complete some of the Chamber of the Fallen Trials and take on some high level events (from FFT Seraphim to Hein) successfully. This Raid decimates me, even with 5 or 6K HP, two or three healers, buffs and Full Break, and a WoL friend. I am currently rank 54. As such, I wasted a raid orb on ELT researching how well I could do and knew that I was not going to be able to complete it, nor reap the benefits of being able to do so quickly. I switched back to Pro so I could quickly farm it in 3-6 turns.

  • Luneth (600+ ATK)
  • Lunera (400+ MAG)
  • Tidus (410+ ATK)
  • Kefka (400+ MAG)
  • Fina equipped with a Ribbon (stats don't matter for her since all she is meant for is healing and clearing status effects). Lunera can be your backup status effect clearer if you don't have a Ribbon.
  • Companion: anyone over 400-600ATK is fine for completion. 600+ ATK allows me to finish the fight in 3 turns.
Turn order
  • Turn 1: Tidus uses Get Pumped to buff the team. Press Auto twice move on to turn two and disable Auto.
  • Turn 2: Tidus Quick Hit, Luneth Cut Through, Companion best attack. Lunera Barrage, Kefka auto attack, Fina Superior Healing.
  • Turn 3: same.
  • Turn 4: Lunera Aereola Ray, Kefka Last Footstep, Fina Superior Healing. Others don't matter.
  • Turn 5: Lunera Aereola Ray, Kefka Last Footstep, Fina Superior Healing or Bright Shower.
  • Turn 6: Lunera Aereola Ray, Kefka Last Footstep, Fina Superior Healing or Bright Shower. Esper/Limit Breaks.

--Guruvirus (talk) 17:22, 19 September 2017 (UTC)

Farming ELT[edit source]

I've been having great success with this party:
Warrior of Light, Zargabaath, Luneth (finisher), Ashe (support and extra chain hits) and Fryevia (chainer)
Friend: Fryevia (chain partner)

Luneth and Ashe are holding an Ice Brand, I only have Enhancer on my Fryevia (or I add an Overlord if I need to Dual Wield to match friend for chain timing). Luneth is fully ability awakened but I just spam normal Cut Thru for his own safety. WoL has Mechanical Heart on which helps immensely as he doesn't really need additional healing.

Turn 1: WoL - Arms Eraser; Zargabaath - Arcadian Light; Ashe - (using Pod 153a) P Shield; rest - Defend

Turn 2: WoL - Light is With Us; Zargabaath - Bastion (40% all element resists); Ashe Repair (using Pod 153a)

  • Defense Break Pattern - Luneth - Cut Thru; Fryevia - Frost Flower Blitz Chain
  • Spirit Break Pattern - only Fryevia - Frost Flower Blitz Chain

Turn 3: WoL, Zargabaath and Ashe repeat Turn 1; Luneth & Fryevia chain repeat Turn 2

Turn 4: WoL, Zargabaath and Ashe repeat Turn 2; rest repeat turn 2 for appropriate break

Turn 5: WoL - Defend or Brave Presence; Zargabaath - Rejuvenate on WoL; Ashe - Sword of Kings to join chain (either type); Luneth and Fryevia's use Turn 2 logic.

Turn 6: repeat from Turn 3 onward until done

I farm ELT in 5-7 turns depending on starting pattern..better to start with Spirit on round 2 as I don't get Ashe in the chain until the break cycle last 3 turns.

--Caelvanm (talk) 21:48, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

Anomalies in Shadow Lord's Patterns[edit source]

I've had several battles now where the Shadow Lord silences my team in the first turn but he's not weak to physical attack on the second turn. On Pro, Orlandeau's Divine Ruination usually does 20,000+ per hit. In these odd cases, about 500. Has anyone encountered this? 15:06, 21 September 2017 (UTC)

If you cast dispel on him, you also remove his debuff, I think. If there are no units alive, he will switch modes but skip applying his debuff. Can be done by dying (w/ auto-revive?), jumping, hiding. Very useful to prolong the debuff you want. Very bad idea to do on turn 1. That's all I got. Theultramage (talk) 15:51, 21 September 2017 (UTC)

Individual Rewards missing[edit source]

Information about 'Individual rewards' seems to be missing from the wiki article. Did nobody contribute it, did the article get vandalized, or what? The game is telling me that this raid provided Platinum Dagger recipe as an event reward, but I'm missing the recipe, despite having participated heavily in this raid. I thought I'd look it up and/or report it to customer support, but the info is missing... Theultramage (talk) 16:21, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

Game description has the wrong location listed for that recipe. What it should say is that it's a silver/locked chest reward for the new town in Gungan.--FencerTJ (talk) 20:11, 22 February 2018 (UTC)
Oh, I see. Makes sense. The article is still missing info on Individual Rewards though. The boilerplate article text mentions them two times, and the news banner mentions them too (with images of crafting recipes and awakening items). I checked the source and history, and there is a huge block of commented out code for the individual and ranking rewards that was added in the initial contribution (unfinished, copy-pasted from Nier raid) and left there untouched ever since. Theultramage (talk) 20:45, 22 February 2018 (UTC)