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Good Morning once again! Zodiark here and it’s 3am here, and I just squashed me a bug in an ice cave. But let’s discuss this event. It’s basically an exploration of the Frozen Cavern from Final Fantasy XV. The trash monsters are the same in the previous farm with 2 notable exceptions. The Elder Coeurls (there will be 2 of them this time) have more hp but with some status ailments such as blind or sleep, they are not much of a hassle. The hassle will be Yojimbo, especially if you are going for the no KO trophy “Iron Duke”. My advice: use flee or some variant and get out of there. Otherwise if you’re brave, you can try breaking his defense and running up a massive chain to put him over. Once you get to Ariadne, simply use a unit that can crush both Attack and Magic. Warrior of Light, Ramza, or Orlandeau can do this. Buff the group with whatever you choose, based on your build (4X Orlandeau with Ayaka Embolden), then lay waste with either fire or holy. She will go down in turn one if your damage is high enough.

And that’s the event. Just keep a level head on the trash, be prepared to flee from Yojimbo, and bring the holy hurt to the bug lady. Now if ya’ll excuse me, I’m heading down to Denny’s to get a Moons Over My Hammy. See ya next trial!

I gave my VO Earth Lightning Resist build, but with 4 Orlandeau, was a moot issue.

Garnet/bahamut nuke with 2 chaining Fryevias was one turn with overkill on boss.

I was able to best this easily with Wilhelm, Marie, Loren, Barbariccia, Ayaka, and friend Barbariccia. Just kept Marie going with the lightning buff on team and the rest was standard fighting. No one died and got me an Iron Duke! Also look into stacking as much lightning resist as possible makes the boss easier.

Soleil-Wilhelm-Ace-Luka-A2, friend A2

Was not aware the boss was weak, so went all out on the damage. OTK using Atk Dance/FireHoly imperil/A2 chain goddess. Was also not aware that Yojimbo (random encounter) was lurking around. After seeing that the A2s did not kill him, went full defense mode. He was not able to get through my tank on first turn, but the second turn he must have had some threshold attack as he 1 hit killed Wilhelm... Was not aware you could run, so either run or be prepared for more resistance than the actual boss on this level. Cheers!

WoL-Ayaka-4x Fryevia

Either go full OTKO or carry reduce enemy encounter and/or the escape ability. The biggest challenge is just getting to the boss. The deadliest enemy in the dungeon is not Ariadne the Boss, but the regular enemy Yojimbo. I had WoL put up Light Be With Us on first turn while Ayaka and 4x Fryevia melee him (only chunked a sliver of HP), and then he killed a Fryv. 2nd turn he OTKO WoL(didn't see damage number, WoL just flopped) and then wiped my whole team on his 3rd turn. 2nd time through I burst everything down, so if you're doing this too I'd recommend having Man Eater and breaking Yojimbo's stats because he's very tanky. For Ariadne, the Boss resists Lightning but weak to Fire (was expecting Ice Resist because the dungeon is Ice themed). The boss's HP dropped faster than Yojimbo's.

JMo(E) here! Someone familiar with/willing to follow proper formatting should REALLY edit the boss page to explain that Ariadne's nukes are lightning damage and she inflicts confuse and stop. BLC Lid looks to have been designed specifically for this fight. +70% aoe lightning resist for 4 turns, innate lightning resist AND confuse resist, not one, but two separate undead "killer" traits that stack to innate +100% dmg (+125% if natures protector is awakened) on top of her elemental debuff attack. I shudder to think how bad she could hurt Ariande if she had WWFina's TMR. you should have Odin (with fingersnap) equipped to your party's lowest ATK non-healer unit for this fight if you lack a unit with some other form of dispelling stop/confuse from friendlies. It was frustrating watching VoE contract "stop" on turn 3- turn 4 was supposed to be "reapply the expired mitigation" time, but with him stopped I couldn't reapply and he got nuked. Second attempt, my refia AND my voe got a "dps only has 45 hp remaining" moment of desperation I tried to fingersnap refia and then redirect to voe........with a 650 ATK Odin equipped Luneth :X Go squash some bugs y'all! I've smashed her every attempt- but one person would always die the turn before the killing blow. gonna throw party composition to the wind this time and go full on 5 person chain.....see if I can't OTKO instead of working a viable Loren wants that greatsword in her offhand- she's gotta keep the handle warm until Noctis gets his DW material from Zidane next week.

Was able to beat Ariadne with a budget build using the following units: Rain (debuff using Undermine), Fina (main healer), Vann (for the Resist Stop ability), Black Cat Lid (for the Barthundaga spell), and a friend Noctis (main damage dealer).

The sequence I did was Undermine > Resist Stop > Barthundaga > Warp Strike. Fina just guards (or heals when needed, which I never did once). Then on the next turn, I used Lava Floor > Assault Strike > Ultimate Blow > Point-blank Warp Strike. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You can also switch Black Cat Lid with a Cerius (she also has Barthundaga) or Kuja (using a +2 Barthundara spell) for other budget build setups.

Halcón Negro reporting:

Well, with 2 2B (excal both), Ace (imperi), Ayaka (thunder resist, from Carbuncle), Soleil (Esp buff), WoL (atk/mag break) was easy, i only needed clean stop on my 2B and then Avoid atk (previous setup)

2017 Web Weave Princess (hard) by falconX.

Party: WoL, Xon, Ashe(731mag), black cat lid, trance Terra(823mag). Companion; trance Terra.(1000mag)

Stop from boss last 3 rounds. Thunder resist + shellga from lid. Didn't use stop resist char. Just went with escape on yojimbo, & when got mid-low on mp. If have osmose on mages helps.

Boss fight. 1st round: WoL does attack break atk/mag-. Black Cat does shellga, thunderga. Trance Terra x2 magic activation. Xon had 1round flee. Ashe hp refill ability.

2nd round: trance Terra x2 = choas wave x2 each for spark chain. Solo chaos wave x2 & Ashe heaven fury will do about 25%hp. Spark chain ~50%hp dmg. With +2 choas wave.

Boss had stopped my friend trance Terra 1st round, so solo'd most of hp. Boss lasted 4 rounds. Got my great sword. Gl & have fun. --Gogamer2018 (talk) 13:29, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

Easy boss fight, not even close.

Party: Firion (DW Excalibur and Crimson Saber), Cupid Artemios, Ling, Minfilia, Agrias, friend Ayaka.

Equip: "reduce encounter" on someone. I never even ran into Yojimbo this way. Ling, Min, and CA have innate confuse resist, use black choker or materia on the other two. I stacked lightning resist equip on everyone but Min's AoE thunder resist makes that unnecessary. Give Ling Ramuh for resist and imperil.

Turn 1: Have Min Static Guard right away, Ling breaks Atk/Mag. Agrias uses DR to lower light resist, chain with CA Lux Magna and Firion Fin Briar. Friend uses any buff or just defend.

Turn 2: Dispel any Stop, Ling hits imperil. Minfilia boosts atk/mag. Attackers repeat as before.

Keep dispelling stops when needed, keep Static Guard and mag breaks and imperil up. Rinse/repeat until boss drops. Ignore her summons until she's dead and then mop up. Nobody ever dropped below 50%.

took a first swing at it: Agrias (enhanced, gengi blade / excalibur), BC Lid (enhanced, gaia hammer / man eater), Soleil (enhanced), Vaan (for stop resistance), Rikku (for escape in case of yojimbo, and healer if needed), friend Orlandeau (~950 attack w/ excalibur).

right off the bat i had soleil break his magic and vaan protect from stop and rikku cast his limit break. then agria and orlandeau chained Divine Ruination and Lid finished it. i brought him down to ~25% after that first attack, but he responded with about 5 or 6 consecutive attacks which killed 3 of my units and nearly ended all of them. they respawned right away since i'd cast Rikku's limit at the start, but then i knew i wasn't getting the no-KO sword reward :( i was able to finish the boss and friends off in 2 more turns without any trouble.

the key seems to be you have to one turn KO him if you want to keep everyone alive, or else have a very beefy tank who can protect everyone maybe? i'm going to try again but this time have soleil buff my attack instead of break his magic, with the hope that this helps me one turn him. might also swap either the rikku or vaan for enhanced ACE to further reduce his light resist and edge closer to that one turn kill. he's pretty soft on defense, he just attacks so many times in a turn that my guys can't weather it.