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After using the new enhanced Magical Activation +2 and using Successor - Maduin's Power to dual-cast Chaos Wave +2, a second option becomes available - Chaos Wave Awakened.

Can someone explain how this is different? I can dual-cast it as well, and boy is it fun to watch with a second Trance Terra. :-) --Arcadianu9 (talk)

A :

 Chaos Wave Awakened : Magic damage (4.2x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
 Chaos Wave : Magic damage (2.1x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
In that case, the description might need revision. It used to be that you could do: Magical Awakening -> Chaos Wave and get the upgraded damage and hits. Now when you do Magical Awakening +2, you get Chaos Wave (which I assume is still the upgraded version) or Successor - Maduin's Power (which allows you to dual-cast Chaos Wave). On the 3rd turn after Magical Awakening +2 -> Successor - Maduin's Power -> Chaos Wave +2, you still get Successor - Maduin's Power, but this time you can either dual-cast Chaos Wave, or you get a third option called Chaos Wave Awakened. That's why I'm led to believe it might be something different, even beyond the 4.2x Magic Damage multiplier and 10x combo. --Arcadianu9 (talk)
So the answer seems to be that Chaos Wave directly after Magical Activation is the same as Chaos Wave Awakened, even though the name does not change to Chaos Wave Awakened. It's either some bugginess (or possibly intentional and just confusing), but if you choose the non-awakened version of Chaos Wave during the 3rd turn, you'll see it gives the smaller damage and hit count, but you can continue with damage and hit count by choosing the Awakened version. --Arcadianu9 (talk)