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New Table Format[edit source]

The new table formatting is terrible. It's ugly and doesn't work with ctrl+F. It's a nightmare to use with small screens. Can we please go back to the old table format?

Notes Recommendations[edit source]

Blossom Sage Sakura says that she's a Thunder Chainer. She is a Thunder Chainer Bolting Strike, Light Chainer Disorder, Dark Chainer Absolute Zero, and she *CAN* chain with any unit that ends up having an LB compatible with Thunder Element/Imbue/etc in the Graviton Family since it's a cooldown thus 1 cast per every 2 turns, and can self cap. LB Kinda chains with Elena's as well.

This is on top of supportive capabilities. Thoughts for her notes. Also, Zeno is fairly tanky himself, that might want to be mentioned in his unit notes, like Esther's notes say.

Elena's notes say. Extremely powerful hybrid chainer with elemental flexibility and buffing capabilities. Can provide stat buffs and mitigation to the party. Chains with the Stardust Ray and Bolting Strike families.

Should probably say Chains ST with Stardust Ray, Bolting Strike; AoE Aureole Ray, and Ice/Light locked Disorder families or something of the sort. --Makaiookami (talk) August 2nd, 2019

When noting which families a unit chains with, we typically only mention the ones where they could pair with another unit of that family and still deal something at least in the same ballpark as their optimal damage.
Sakura does not meet that criteria for any of her chaining families. The overwhelming majority of her damage comes from capping her own chains with Quick Final Thunder, and if you pair her with anyone other than a copy of herself, the damage will plummet because you're either not using QFT or the chain is breaking every time you do.
This is similarly the case for several of Elena's chaining families, although not to such an extreme extent. She can chain with units from those families, yes, but her damage drops enough while doing so that it's not relevant to her actual usage.
(Note that 6* summaries are usually exempt from the "only mention the best families" rule, because nowadays, if you're using a 6* unit, you are presumably pairing them with a 7* friend and the 6* unit's personal damage contribution is a drop in the bucket anyways.)
Also, for future reference, it's generally better to discuss the wiki ratings on the discord or one of the weekly reddit update threads. More of us check there, so you'll get more/better answers to any questions or concerns you might have. Muspel (talk) 00:50, 3 August 2019 (UTC)

New 7* Units[edit source]

Thanks for putting up the September awakening units. I definitely follow this page and triangulate your opinions with others.

With regards to Tidus, don't you think he deserves a TDH bonus, given that his TMR Ability with Brotherhood includes +100% EQ ATK, and he can reach >2200 with a proper build? His W/T skills may be locked behind enabler abilities, but he hits really hard with the right rotations. Also worth taking into account that he has several imperil commands that are the same water element as his TMR sword. Not only that, but he can self-imbue water with Jecht Shot, meaning even Fixed Dice can take advantage of his water imperil. Granted, there isn't an easy rotation that takes advantage of everything at once (imbue + imperil + W/T ability), but his LB ramps pretty easily (only 18 gauge cost) with +200% native fill rate. Therefore, getting a -100% water imperil can happen as early as Turn 2. So, start with Jecht Shot for water imbue (5T), LB for -100% water imperil (5T), then you have 3 more turns before the buffs wear off. Plenty of time in there to either Delay Attack (2x ability) right away, followed by double Quick Hit -- or a single QH followed by Delay Buster (3x ability), followed by triple Quick Hit. Plus, he has native 75% killers for beasts/birds/demons and 30% native evade, allowing for high evade builds while still maintain really high ATK. Seems like he should at least share an equal rating with Queen, who was given 19.0 with TDH bonus.

Lastly, Hyou might need a bump up as well, given his imperils, easy triple abilities, and insane LB. He might be locked into Fire/Thunder weapons to take advantage of the element boost, but there are several that are easy to obtain, and almost everyone is willing to offer up their Hyou as a friend unit. I'd say he easily qualifies for a 20.0 rating with TDH build.

--Arcadianu9 (talk)

Just something to note is that the TDH rating is applied to applicable units and for some units is more of an addendum since the build may require so many particularly hard to get tmrs. One of the things about Tidus that was mentioned is that while he attains high damage, maintaining his rotation is difficult as it relies on constantly keeping his lb up, then shifting between his single and multicasts. If you're building him for evasion, then your tank is either not doing its job or you're using him as a tank of which he is not suitable for, thus making that rather niche. Killers are nice but you trad on that niche value that can only be valued as a case-by-case basis.
Regarding Hyoh, one of the things to remember is that he consumes MP like crazy. It's worth keeping in mind that unlike your more supportive units, there will always be better damage dealers and chainers, and Hyoh has a pretty selfish kit in its lack of party utility. --FencerTJ (talk) 22:10, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

Fixes:[edit source]

I couldn't find a place to report issues with page functionality. A link from Balsch to his summary page has an extra "_2" in the link. Basically, it's broken and removing those two characters restores functionality.

Actually that's incorrect. What it is is that his 7* unit summary is missing, but his 6* still exists.--FencerTJ (talk) 14:52, 21 December 2018 (UTC)

Ranking Zeno[edit source]

Ranking page & notes on Zeno say he can only chain Absolute Mirror of Equity, but according to Zeno himself he can also chain with Bolting Strike, Divine Ruination, & Areola Nipples. Looks like you're missing a few families there. Mikecline777 (talk) 21:52, 20 July 2019 (UTC)

If you aren't chaining with Absolute Mirror of Equity, you're severely gutting his damage, and realistically you wouldn't be using those skills in the first place for their chains anyways. --FencerTJ (talk) 22:07, 20 July 2019 (UTC)