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Elite win SPR -AMOE group by FalconX[edit source]

 > (all 7*) party: Wilhelm (def1700+), Chocobo fina (spr2054), Seaside nichol (mag2084), kimono ayaka (spr1972), lotus mage fina (spr1315),  friend: sacred shield charlotte (spr1900+)

Used lotus mage fina as element buff, wilhelm just keeps cover up each round, seaside nichol puts on +2buff on tank, & helps Amoe combo w/ others. SS charlotte just does attract wall for provoke ST moves.

basic no deaths ~11 rounds, will knock off cover after each round finish. have fun! got lb kill, lucky stop at 1%hp. --Gogamer2018 (talk) 07:42, 1 December 2019 (UTC)