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ELT farm team:
1000+ ATK Oldmandu w/ Odin, Basch, 3x Vayne, any 100% bonus friend unit
RND 1: (1) Vayne cast bravery on Oldmandu, Oldmandu blade blitz, Any Vayne with Firagra dualcast
RND 2-4: Oldmandu Divine Ruination
RND 5: Basch Armor Eraser, Oldmandu Divine Ruination

If you have friends that have 900+ ATK Oldmandu fill your roster with your best bonus units

--Salinger6683 (talk) 23:37, 21 January 2018 (UTC)

So my current farm team varies based on the Friend I borrow.

Core Team: Basch, Orlandeau, Vayne, Drace, Ace and Friend: Orlandeau/Veritas of the Dark (if he's holding a light weapon)

Friend variations: if they have Basch, I pull Drace out for my Veritas of the Dark

Now what I'm wondering is if the base payout if enough to justify farming LGD over ELT when I'll have a payout multiplier of 250%-275% at best with my team make up?
(I love this wiki...soon as I post this they update the front page with the maths ><)

[Edit] - I now only farm ELT. Had insane luck and now have Balthier thanks to that last 4*+ ticket from King Mog. Building him up but going to end up using:

* Balthier (DW dps with Spirit Killer and Odin for Esper @709 ATK)
* Basch (break/tank 9.1k HP)
* Vayne (use his Atk+Mag buff on some rounds, elven gloves to MP if I know it won't be a OTK)
* Drace #1 (Pouch for Chaos Grenade)
* Drace #2 (whatever, just more currency)
* Friend bonus unit determines 1 round turns or possible 2 rounds. 

Using Rikku's Pouch, the first fight often is easier if you are lucky enough to turn the plant thing to stone and just focus on the frog. Tempted to put the Basilisk Steel (never finished Razzmatazz) on someone for free stone chances. For last fight if I think it will take more than one round then just have Basch AoE Magic Tank. Good idea to put the Dragon kit(shield and armor) on him and/or Ifrit to trivialize the damage. Although, I don't bother myself, since his heal counter is crazy nice.

--Caelvanm (talk) 17:23, 19 January 2018 (UTC)

With a 650+ attack Cloud Friend, Climhazzard/Meteor Rain will one-shot everything on ELT up to the Entite. Omnislash will either one-shot the Entite, or leave it at less than 10% HP to be easily finished with Climhazzard the next turn.

This frees you to fill your entire roster with Bonus Multipliers.

Currently my team is Vayne, Drace, Drace, Larsa, Larsa (none leveled very much) for a total multiplier of 325% (Larsa can Entrust Cloud to get the Omnislash if Cloud's not quite at his limit break yet for Entite). If a Urutan-Yensa shows up, I get just over 6000 Urutan Flowers, after the bonus.

  • edit- This also makes getting the "party of 4 or less" achievement a breeze, though I'd bring a WoL (for Armor Break), or a DPS char to help ensure you one-shot Entite.

--Edale2 (talk) 04:01, 20 January 2018 (UTC)

Just did my first attempt at LGD using same team as I was using in the RAID event. Not even bothered attempting team of 4 first up, seeing as there is 2 weeks to do that.

Team was: Soleil schwart dance+2, Agrias, DV, 2B, Reberta (purely for training & to watch learn & listen from the others :) plus a companion Basch for the 100% bonus.

First turn I just did normal attacks & only did 20% damage before copping massive damage in return... oops! Better get serious here as I don't even have a healer!

Sooo... Soleil do her dance, 2B, agrias & DV do their aoe attacks. Done. I have no idea what to do with Basch.

Rounds 2-4, only one opponent, so same with soleil, other 3 do ST chaining attacks (Divine Ruination + Dark Punishment + Speed). Reberta just sat there taking notes. I still have no idea what to do with Basch.

Round 5, the boss. Soleil do her dance, other 3 do ST chaining attacks (Divine Ruination + Dark Punishment + Speed). Reberta just sat there taking notes. Maybe I should have done something with Basch, or made Reberta jump to safety... because I got him to 2% before he basically wiped my party except for 2B, who survived at 1% due to her "Retry" ability... extract speed finished the job next turn.

Did I ever mention how much I love my 2B? :)

Anyway, once I get into a routine of beating this thing with OTK I might get back with wot I haff lurnt...


[edit #1] After noting comment by Caelvanm, and looking back at the main page (which indicates ELT & LGD are about the same payout per NRG), farming LGD for the next 2 weeks is probably not going to be the smartest decision you will ever make in your life. Farm ELT has gotta be the way to go.

That being said: bring a chaining team including at least a 2B friend to get the goals done for Nightmare level, ummm LGD level. 2B rocks!

Sorry for going slightly off-topic here... but Basch's uniform is definitely looking like a must-grab for the arena for the null-confuse. Trust me here... my twin Amelia's with their recent very cheap dual-wield ability awakenings will be dual-wielding a confusing fist along with the gun in their other hand, never mind their other enhancements :)

Another random thought...

I was thinking about swapping out my 2B from excal to a water weapon, but I don't have the TMR to do that without sacrificing a heap of ATK. So then I thought about switching my agrias & DV to chain water weapons to take advantage of the -50% water stat... but wait... agrias does a 50% debuff on light anyway, so there is absolutely no advantage to switching to water pistols (unless it is 38 Celsius like it was here today...)

So... excal/light damage it shall remain for me for the next 2 weeks, I reckon.

[edit #2]

Heh heh!

I took Soleil, Agrias, 2B, friend 2B (with excal) for the 4-man challenge.

First round almost caught me out a bit again, as my aoe attacks did not quite finish it.

Plain sailing through rounds 2-4.

Round 5, Soleil does Schwart dance. Agrias was hurt from round one, so I made the executive decision for her to "take it for the team..." she did Divine Ruination to drop the light resist while both 2B's did Avoid. Agrias did about 10% or so damage on her own, but her main goal was complete: debuff Light so 2x2B avoid attack chain finished the deal :) Job done :)

Now I just gotta go back and complete the ELT 4-man bit :-/

[edit #3 & final edit hopefully]

Now I'm into farming-ELT mode, I would like to share my findings on completing ELT with 2B alone and absolutely no support whatsoever, to see if it is safe to fill the rest of my team with weak bonus units. 2B attacks, all other units just defend.

Relevant stats for my 2B: HP 6845, MP 348, ATK 1136, DEF 354, SPR 251. Sleep and blind 100% resist. Wielding Excal (but not debuffing or chaining so this is irrelevant). Esper: odin (could be worth considering ifrit, for the fire resist, or bahamut, for slightly more damage)

The first time through, I did R040 blade on the first round, then speed on rounds 2-4. Cleared them all OTK no problem. Round 5 against the boss, speed took him down to 30-40%. 2B easily survived and finished the job turn 2.

The second time I used the avoid / avoid attack strategy on the boss. I got distracted and didn't see what happened, but the boss was down to 47% after turn 1. After scratching my head a bit, I realised that 2B's 20% chance avoid counter must have triggered. It is only 5.5x damage, verses 9x for a proper avoid attack. Interesting.

For my third run, I confirmed that avoid attack can indeed kill it in one turn. As far as MP goes, 2B still Finished with 68 MP remaining, with no MP refresh or MP support at all. This was despite getting a bonus 6th round... it is probably a tad overkill using speed on Urutan-Yensa...

Incidentally, the reason I went avoid over speed in my 4-man LGD run, was that I knew speed couldn't do the job in one turn, and avoid should help ensure both 2B's survived for turn 2, which they did. I was also banking on the avoid attack chain finishing it in one turn, which it did.


Just one thing to add. I made the mistake of casting imperil with Marie and triggering the firaga response. Fortunately the dualcast was for barfiraga so I survived...

If you're imperiling...use an ability, not a spell.

Yensa Sandsea -ELT (2018) win using 3_bonus char +bonus friends.. by FalconX

Party: WoL (fire resist gear), Drace (mag667), Vayne(atk492), Larsa(buffs), Ashe(mag855) friend/Companion =Drace/Basch/Balthier

Round 1-4 is repeat.............Round1: WoL (full break), Drace -Revolt, Ashe -Heavens fury, Vayne -Bladeblitz or Pummel, Larsa -Dualcast faith to Drace/Ashe, friend: Drace -Revolt

Round 5 boss: WoL (full break), Ashe -Heavens fury, Larsa -DC faith, Vayne -Avatar summon Odin, Drace x2 -Revolt x2 can swap out Drace for 100%bonus tank Basch for magic cover on boss round 1, or 100%gunner Balthier for light atk for chain.

Getting (400+1200ish) 1500 points on repeat mode. So far gotten a 7round (5 +2bonus rounds) got 15k points in 1swoop. Have fun --Gogamer2018 (talk) 20:45, 20 January 2018 (UTC)

 > Final party setup: +250%bonus +100bonus friends. Cloud(atk1022), Larsa x2 (prodigy glasses +mog wisdom lb ability), Drace, Vayne(mp build 342mp), friend/companion =100bonus Basch/Balthier
 > Round 1-4 is repeat button: Cloud -Finishing touch, Vayne -enlightenment. Rest party =auto atk 
 > boss round: Cloud LB Omnislash, Larsa -entrust if need, Vayne -enlightenment. Only cloud attacks this round! others can if want, but not needed. If need use DEF- debuff for extra dmg. 
 > watching cloud do his LB sequence = pure awesome!!

getting 425+ 1488 points per win. Have fun! --Gogamer2018 (talk) 03:04, 23 January 2018 (UTC)

ํYensa Sandsea - LGD : Evade cheese

Party :

  • Any unit that you can build 80 - 100% evade, sleep resist, and 100% fire resist, mine is A2 equip with:
      > Aqua Blade, Aigaion Arm
      > Grand Helm (for sleep resist)
      > Flame mail
      > 2 Ring of Luci
      > Quick assault, Dark Knight's soul, Martial Arts Mastery, Atk +30%
      > Esper Ifrit
  • Any means to escape all battles, except for bonus monsters and Salamand Entite (last boss).
      > I equip one bonus unit with Germinas boot. Another one with Producer's jacket (just in case I miss clicked).
      > Alternatively, you can use smoke bomb.
  • Any bonus units that can buff Atk or debuff the boss' defense


     > Use all units, except for one that will use escape or smoke, to hit enemy once. Do this to get limit burst crystal. 
     > Then, use escape or smoke or smoke bomb.
     > Skip to bonus monsters or last boss. 
     > Buff your damage dealer and debuff boss. Then kill it. 

Additional Remarks:

 > Your damage dealer can be only one survived the boss attack. But you will be able to kill boss eventually. 
 > Base drop will be 680 but you will get a lot more from bonus units and monsters. 
 > Depends on friend's unit, I can kill boss in 4-6 turns. 
 > You may want to bring some MP restore items since boss can use MP drain skill (below 50% HP)

Yensa Sandsea - ELT

Party: Trance Terra (Ramuh esper), Drace, Larsa x3 with highest bonus friend I can bring in.

So I know I'm not supposed to use magic on this event but hey since when do I do what I'm supposed to without a little investigation.

I'm walking all 5 of the ELT runs with just Terra. Duel Black Magic with Thundara for first 4 then DBM with Ultima for big boss. NOTHING touches any of my party members.... OTK I believe is the term used (excuse my newbness...1st post) on every run. Rest of the party members are for bonus' only.

Her Stats: HP 4592 - ATK 312 - MAG 1004 - MP 501 - DEF 167 - SPR 344

It took me a while to get the LB reward but finally did it with some good timing from one of the other party members.

I hope this helps someone that may be having difficulty with it. If I could do a video I would but not sure how with my tablet. Any questions just ask.

Cheers :)

--Oldschooltoker (talk) 02:35, 26 January 2018 (UTC)