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Description of Attack Sequences:

Background : the monk chains are from his FF8 LB Duel button sequence, which require specific moves done in order within 4~12 secs in order to unlock the finishing moves like Burning Rave, Meteor Barret, Different Beat, or My Final Heaven. In FFBE, My Final Heaven is Zell's LB.

  • Booya (1) or Punch Rush (1) -> Punch Rush (2) -> Mach Kick (1) -> Dolphin Blow (1) -> Different Beat = (3x + 3x + 2x + 4x + 14x) ~= 5.2x per turn to one enemy with water
  • Booya (1) or Punch Rush (1) -> Booya (2) -> Heel Drop (2) -> Meteor Strike, My Final Heaven = (3x + 3x + 2x + 4x + 10.2x~12.6x) ~= 4.4x~4.9x per turn to one enemy, 2.0x~2.5x AoE per turn
  • Booya (1) -> Heel Drop (1) -> Burning Rave = (3x + 2x + 6x AoE) ~= 3.7x per turn to one enemy, 2.0x fire AoE per turn
  • Punch Rush (1) -> Mach Kick (2) -> Dolphin Blow (2) -> Meteor Barret = (3x + 2x + 4x + 8x) ~= 4.3x per turn to one enemy with water, 60% full break for 2 turns. (Egh, tough to recommend a breaker that takes 4 turns to set up and only lasts 2 turns on one enemy, even if it is a 60% breaker)

That's according to what I read from the wiki. Has someone tested this out? Above is link of review that I found but everything takes one turn longer than is listed in wiki

I wonder if it would be helpful to have the whole chains listed in the wiki, or is this something rare enough that should be relegated to reviews instead?