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Tech Heavicryst

Tech Heavicryst.png

A large crystal which brings out the potential of abilities. It is necessary in awakening technical abilities.

Crafting recipe[edit | edit source]


Usage[edit | edit source]

Ability Awakening Material

  • As of batch 16.5 (2018-06-28)
  • Totals shown are for +1 and +2 awakenings combined.
Skill Applicable Units Total Needed
Ace Adventurer Helena 20
Acrobatics Juggler 8
Analysis Aileen 13
ATK +20% Dracu Lasswell 13
Authority Zargabaath 13
Battle Cyborg Grace 13
Black Lion's Crest Orlandeau 13
Black Sheep Knight Knight Delita 20
Blade Adept Fencer 8
Branded Heretic Mercenary Ramza 13
Cannon Dance Soleil 13
Checkmate Fencer 8
Double Dice Setzer 13
Double Trouble Killing Machine 8
Doublehand Demon Rain 25
Garland 25
Dual Edge Zidane 8
Dual Guns Amelia 3
Duelist Pose Fryevia 25
Elf Superior Lunera 23
Entrust White Witch Fina 13
Fists of Fire Yda 8
Focus Magic Vivi 8
Heavy Arms Proficiency Olive 25
Hex Strike Black Cat Lid 3
Kata Yda 1
Magical Activation Trance Terra 25
Manufacture Ruggles 13
Master Thief Xon 13
Mirage Hayate 3
Nature Protector Black Cat Lid 13
Panzer Dance Soleil 13
Perfect Balance Xiao 13
Pike Master Reberta 13
Power Charge Randi 13
Power Seeker Ashe 13
Roar of Laughter Kefka 20
Rune Protector White Knight Noel 13
Schwert Dance Soleil 13
Self-Sacrifice Gaffgarion 20
Shooting Dance Soleil 13
Spear Adept Nine 8
Spear Mastery Fohlen 13
Steal Time Thief 8
Sun Crest Tidus 20
Sword Master Luneth 8
Sword Mastery Ray Jack 20
Bandit (Ability) Thief 8
Two-Hit Combo Yun 13
Unleashed Chakra Xiao 13
Weapon Collector Gilgamesh 20
Zoldaad Guard Sozhe 13

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Dropped from