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Description[edit source]

Show a small, fixed size icon of certain item and a text link following it.

Parameters[edit source]

  • First Parameter
    • Name of the item.
  • Second Parameter (Optional)
    • Any text. It will be added at the end between ( ).

Usage[edit source]

Usage Result
{{Item|Potion}} Icon-Potion.pngPotion
{{Item|Fish (Item)}} FishFish
{{Item|Zwill Crossblade}} Icon-Zwill Crossblade.pngZwill Crossblade
{{Item|Zwill Crossblade (FFT)}} Zwill CrossbladeZwill Crossblade
{{Item|Divine Crystal|5}} Icon-Divine Crystal.pngDivine Crystal (5)
{{Item|Shadow Bahamut Gem|Bugged}} Icon-Shadow Bahamut Gem.pngShadow Bahamut Gem (Bugged)