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The Egg Seekers/Dialogue

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Innkeeper[edit | edit source]

Welcome. If you've something to ask me,
please go ahead.

We also carry a range of recipes. Go
ahead and have a look.

What do you want to ask?

Ask about eggs [Toggle]

This time every year, monsters in this area
drop crystal eggs.

Our shop is only open during that period.

We provide travelers coming after those
eggs a place to stay,
as well as a place to get recipes for

Ask about Aiden [Toggle]

He came here a while ago in search of
crystal eggs.

But in order to get them he simply tried
taking them from the monsters while they
weren't paying attention
... Like a thief, essentially.

For such a fussy person who's quick to
shout out loud,
the chances of him picking up one is just
about zero.

Ask about Fryevia [Toggle]

She's been a valued client of mine for
many years. She followed the merchants
here wanting to get her hands on the best
possible eggs.

And could you believe it, she's not just
beautiful, she's also a resourceful warrior!
On top of that she's very wealthy.

She's also very smart and knows a lot
about eggs. She has an almost superhuman
air about her.

Ask about Xon [Toggle]

He's an egg merchant that started coming
here around the same time as Fryevia.

He's able to obtain the special eggs, but it
seems what he's really after are the
rainbow eggs so popular with the wealthy.

He used to be a thief who would sell stolen
items, but now he's a, make that
splendid merchant.

He exchanges the rainbow eggs for money,
then hands that money out to the poor.
He's definitely different from how he

Look at recipe [Toggle]

Right, have a look at our recipes, then?

I'd be happy to trade for your extra
rainbow eggs.

Item Exchange [Toggle]
Item Max Cost
Recipe for Radiant Egg 1 Rainbow Egg1
Recipe for Crown of Justice 1 Rainbow Egg2
Recipe for White Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Black Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Green Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Power Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Guard Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Healing Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Support Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Recipe for Tech Purecryst 1 Rainbow Egg100
Back [Toggle]

Come back and see me once you've
collected more rainbow eggs.

Xon[edit | edit source]

Welcome. I wonder, have you collected
what I asked for?

I'd be happy to trade for your extra
rainbow eggs.

Item Exchange [Toggle]

The Egg Seekers/Dialogue/Xon/Item Exchange

Back [Toggle]

Thank you for your patronage.

Come again once you've collected some
rainbow eggs!

Fryevia[edit | edit source]

My skills with a blade are thanks to the
great master I had. I am so thankful to my

Your skills seem to be improving too. I
would like to try them out for myself

Aiden (Finishing the staff quest)[edit | edit source]

Rain. I am thinking of returning home. I
cannot obtain these special eggs, so I
might as well return and continue my

That staff you are carrying... Could it have
been made from those eggs?

Hmm? Oh, this thing.

Rain, Lasswell... This is a once in a lifetime
request. Please...can I have the staff! ?

Hand staff to Aiden?

Hand over [Toggle]

Are you...sure!?

You need it, right? Go ahead and take it.

We went through a lot of trouble for it. Are
you really sure... ?

It wasn't that bad.

With this, I can protect everyone. I will
never fail again.

I am more grateful to you all than I could
ever express.

This really isn't much, but please take it.

I will never forget this favor! Till we meet

Don't hand over [Toggle]

I see... It's okay, forget about it.

Fryevia (After the staff quest)[edit | edit source]

Do you plan on buying eggs from Xon? It
seems he changes his prices depending on
who he's selling to.

Hmph! I already know that. I told him I
would oblige.

You? But why?

Because I've known him for a long time.
From back when he started trading crystal
eggs for money...

Xon (past):
Hey lady! Wanna buy some of these?
They'll bring you happiness if you put them
up in your room. they're magical

Fryevia (past):
...I shall pass. I have all the ornaments I need.

Xon (past):
The rich seem harder to trick. Could this
really just be junk? Hard to sell an egg you can't eat.

Xon (past):
My strategy for today... Hmm, guess I can't
ask people to buy 'em. Surely they'll just

Fryevia (past):
That egg... May I see it for a second?

Xon (past):
So you are interested? I'll cut a special
deal for a beautiful girl like you.

Fryevia (past):
Where did you get this?

Xon (past):
Huh? Umm, a famous metal carver...

Fryevia (past):
A metal carver? Stop with your lies! Now
tell me the simple truth. Did you obtain
these by yourself?

Xon (past):
Huh? U-umm...

Fryevia (past):
To have been able to steal them from that
area means you have a special ability to
obtain these eggs.

Xon (past):

Fryevia (past):
Listen to me. These eggs are very precious
items. They are needed in order to make
special equipment.

Fryevia (past):
Warriors and mages alike will seek these
out. If it's a matter of you eating tonight or
not, then hurry and sell them.

Xon (past):
Hurry and sell them, huh... How much would you buy them for?

Fryevia (past):
I'll take them at your asking price. Even be
at the price of a baker's kiln, I'm ready to

Fryevia (past):
If it is not enough, then give me a day and
I will have the rest for you.

Xon is now doing good business trading
with the wealthy for the rainbow eggs they

Seems there's no end to how much
warriors and mages want these eggs...

But that's crazy you were carrying around
enough money to buy even a baker's kiln.

Who are you, exactly? You don't seem like a simple warrior.

Where I come from, I am part of a family
involved in commerce...

Hehe. Promise not to pry too much?