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Toxic Dagger

Toxic Dagger refers to a weapon. For an ability, visit Toxic Dagger (Ability).

Toxic Dagger

The most professional of hired mercenaries prefer to use weapons and tools that don't implicate them when taking a bounty. The Toxic Dagger is a classic among top assassin circles because of this. However, its users need to always wear gloves for fear of the poison seeping onto its hilt. Made in the sandy region of Zadehl where scorpion venom is plentiful, these weapons are easily procured by those who deal in this line of work. They just need to cut their victims once and let the poison take its course. No fuss, no mess, just one small graze and you're done.


  • Type: Weapon (Dagger)
  • Stats: ATK+35
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Poison (15%)

Crafting recipe


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