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Tsukumo Doll

Tsukumo Doll

A doll resembling the tsukumo, a spirit said to possess an ancient ball. This item that houses the tsukumo offers its modest protection to those who wear it. Although the spirit may look like a monster at first glance, it formed a friendly bond with a certain young lady striving to become an exorcist and still holds within many of their fond memories together. Its powers ensure that its surroundings run no risk of being harmed by any curses or spells.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Scarlet Hide.pngScarlet Hide (30)
Icon-Black Thread.pngBlack Thread (20)
Icon-Scarlet Orb.pngScarlet Orb (5)
Icon-Manufactured Wood.pngManufactured Wood (5)

How to obtain