Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Unit Rating Notes

Ranking Information

  • Units who can fulfill multiple roles but not at the same time (due to not having enough actions or needing to gear differently for various roles) will be rated according to their best role (or best combination of roles that they can perform within a single fight).
  • In general, units will only receive tags for roles that they can fulfill well enough that they would be within a point or two of their rating based on that role alone.
    • Exception: the support tag is applied to any unit that has significant utility.
    • Support chainers are given the chainer tag but not a physical, magical, or hybrid damage tag, to reflect that they are not being brought for their damage potential.
  • Units with the same rating are shown in alphabetical order.

7★ Rating Criteria

  • The unit is considered to have all of their abilities awakened and all of their latent abilities unlocked (if applicable).
  • All 5★ TMRs are available for build purposes, but ratings may be penalized if the unit relies heavily on multiple copies of a 5★ TM other than their own (or more than two copies of their own TMR), and said gear does not have budget alternatives from more readily accesible sources (such as 3★ and 4★ TMRs).
  • Gear from events, including the TMs of limited time units, are not allowed, unless it is the unit's own TM.
  • 7★ unit ratings are primarily aimed at casual players. As a result, units that only excel with very specific team compositions will not be rated assuming those optimal situations.
  • All STMRs are banned, including a unit's own STMR. (Exception: Units obtained freely from events that also allow the player to obtain their STMR, e.g. Popstar Katy.)