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Unit and Item Exchange

Located in the Shop Tab Menu, the Unit Exchange allows players to convert units that have completed their trust masteries (100%) into trust coins. These coins can be exchanged in the Item Exchange for various items including 5★ Select Summon Tickets and 7★ Unit Prisms for certain units (typically from the latest collab events). Raid summons, "free" units (see Category:Reward Units), and Empty Prism Moogles do not qualify for conversion.

Unit Values[edit | edit source]

Base Rarity Coins
3★ Trust Coin100
4★ Trust Coin200
5★ Trust Coin500

Exchange[edit | edit source]

The exchange store restocks/changes every 3 months.

Item Stock Cost
Empty Prism Moogle 1 10,000
5★ Select Summon Ticket 5 5,000
5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket 1 5,000
7★ Unit Prism 1 ea 5,000
King Pots 10 ea 200
Gil Snapper Tower 10 100
King Metal Minituar (Max level) 10 150

* Applicable to certain units only (e.g. Marquis de Léon)

Exchangeable Unit Prism History[edit | edit source]

Unit Start Date End Date
A2, 2B 2019-03-07 ?
Dragonlord, Estark, Marquis de Léon 2019-03-07 ?