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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page aims to help you understand the powerful search feature of the wiki, and some of the syntax you can use to find exactly what you are looking for.

Gamepedia wiki uses a combination of its own search keywords as well as regular expressions, enabled through the CirrusSearch MediaWiki extension. Both are briefly introduced below.

This page contains some powerful and useful searches you can accomplish using the Exvius Wiki's search function coupled with regular expressions.

The power of quotes[edit | edit source]

A lot of your searching needs can be accomplished through using quotes. This is the simplest way to search, but also more error prone. However, it's fast and efficient. By combining several terms in the search box, you can be quite specific about what you are looking for.

Example: You want to find all abilities that allow allies to negate physical attacks (Mirage)

negate "physical damage taken" "all allies"

You will be shown a list of all pages that contain these words, and most of them will be direct results for AOE Mirage.

Gamepedia wiki search keywords[edit | edit source]

There are several useful keywords that you should use. All keywords work with regular expressions (more information below) to make your search even more powerful and specific.

List of often useful keywords[edit | edit source]

incategory[edit | edit source]

Searches only pages in the supplied category (you can supply multiple pages through regex mechanics).

Example: Find all units that refer to "Rain" in their pages

incategory:"Units" Rain
insource[edit | edit source]

This is the default mechanic and means searching in the page's source. Extra efficient when combined with other keywords. This will not find items linked into pages, such as dynamic pages, only items available in the page's source.

Example: Find all pages that refer to "Lasswell" in their source.

intitle[edit | edit source]

Search contents of titles only. Can be quite useful in many cases.

Example: Find all units that are named "Rain"

intitle:"Rain" incategory:"Units"
linksto[edit | edit source]

A powerful and useful keyword, this allows you to find all pages that link to a given page, and have another search criteria.

Example: Find all pages that are an exploration, and link to Dark Megacryst (so, explorations that reward Dark Megacrysts in some way)

linksto:"Dark_Megacryst" incategory:"Explorations"

For further reading, look at the CirrusSearch documentation.

Regular expressions[edit | edit source]

All keywords above, and regular searches, can be empowered with regular expressions. This is too broad a topic to cover in this introduction, and the reader is recommended to read further. Below you will find easy tips and tricks to start using without having to master regex syntax.

Regular expressions are specified with the forward slash syntax. Any keyword followed immediately by a forward slash expects a regex as its input. You will see examples of this below.

OR search terms[edit | edit source]

Example: You want to find all Units and Items that contain the word "Fina" in them. Separate them by the pipe character |

incategory:"Items"|"Units" Fina

Example 2: You want to find all abilities target one ally or all allies:

incategory:"Special Abilities (Active)" insource:/("to all allies"|"to one ally")/

Looking for certain characters or letters[edit | edit source]

You use the bracket syntax [] to define characters you want to match on. If you want to match any number, you enter [0-9]. This is particularly useful when trying to match certain buff percentages, or resistance percentages.

Example: You want to find all fire resistance buffs at 70% or higher:

incategory:"Special Abilities (Active)" insource:/Increase fire resistance \(([0-9]{3,}|[789][0-9])%\)/

The 1? above is an example of a repetition operator. These are described below.

Conditional repetition[edit | edit source]

You can specify a block [] or group () and require it to repeat a given number of times. In the example above, we used the question mark operator ?

  • Question mark (?): Zero or one
    • 1? translates to one or zero ones
  • Plus (+): One or more
    • A+ translates to at least one A, up to infinity
  • Asterisk (*): Any number (including zero)
    • 1* translates to any number of ones, from zero to infinity

Example: We want to find all fire resistances that go from 100% to infinity, we would modify the expression in the previous example to:


The above translates to "two digits, followed by one or more digits, to infinity, that end with a percentage sign)".

For further reading, read more about regular expressions.

Example list of useful searches[edit | edit source]

Feel free to help out by expanding this list.

  • All abilities that allow allies to negate one or more physical attacks (Mirage)

Modifying searches[edit | edit source]

You can follow any of the links above and relatively easily modify the resulting search to fit your criteria (such as just looking for fire imbues, or resistance to confuse).