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Avatar for Salamancaia

Dear Cysidus,

Is it possible to add the npc name and story of Quest in the FFBE wiki page?

Avatar for Cysidus

I don't think NPC name would matter much since most of them are generic unnamed like "Farmer."

Since the game doesn't provide a story summary, we don't have enough manpower to write one for each quest.

Avatar for Salamancaia

Hello Cysidus,

Thanks for your reply.

While I agree with you that some of the quest lack sustenance, there are some quest out there that are creative and humorous with their dialog and naming. Not to mention that they have various connection to the background story as a whole.

One recent example that I have encounter is a NPC name ***** Hole-digger, at Ruggles Underground Pass, for the quest "Tunnel to Tomorrow". I think there are some fun reference in that dialog to our beloved Ruggle that other players may enjoy. There're many quest out there that are really interesting to FFBE fan such as myself.

One of the main reason I made such a suggestion is that, the game currently have no archive for any of the quest dialog and summary. Once a player completed the quest, it's gone from the Quest List. As of now, wiki page only record the objective and npc replace by a number, and not even the short quest summary, which the game provided in the Quest List. A couple short sentence would be enough to remind player, what that quest was all about.

In regard to your concern, if wiki lack the manpower to write the name of the npc and the quest summary, can you provide permission and allow contributor and fans fill that gap?

If the whole purpose of the current wiki quest list is to only serve as a walkthrough for player, that's understandable. However, for the game's wiki to not even include quest details is kind of a disservice to their fans. All I am asking is for a chance to help improve that.

best regards.

Avatar for Cysidus

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Regarding contribution, we allow anyone to edit most pages. Critical pages are locked, but there are only a few of them.

I've modified Template:Quest Infobox so you can add short story summary by adding this above prerequisite:

|summary       = 

For bigger story arcs like main story, story event, vault, or madam, you can check Category:Stories. That page is currently unmaintained and incomplete. If there are a lot of relevant character story you would like to add, that page would be the place to add them.

If you need assistance or have any ideas you want to implement yourself you can find us in the discord channel.

Avatar for Salamancaia

Hi Cysidus, thanks for getting back to me and providing the template for the edit.

The "Category:Stories" is excellent! Page like the record of Ruggles and past Easter event is the very thing I would love to see on the Wiki. Is there a way to find this page on the home page?

There is an empty page of S1-Side Story Quest. Is there someone I should talk to about filling it in?

In the discord channel, is it the norm to post question in the chat, or should I PM one of the admin?


Avatar for Cysidus

Right now there isn't a link from the home page.

Those red links are made before we knew what we want to add, there isn't any rule or guideline for the story page, and you don't have to add them. You can create a separate page for characters or whatever you prefer. It can always be edited later.

In the discord, please use #wiki-discussion channel. No permission needed.

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