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Hey there. Welcome to Exvius Wiki!

I've noticed you have been updating weapon single pages and armor list page. I know that's a massive work and I just wanna say thank you for your contribution :) If you have any question or suggestion just use this talk page.

Keep up the good work! --Cysidus (talk) 00:39, 20 June 2016 (EDT)

Hello I've noticed that you've started adding the Recipes into the new craftable items, sorry I was unable to add them while I was editing the How to Obtain sections. Do you need any help? - Chippou (talk) Saturday, September 24 - 08:21 PST

Nah, you already did more than enough, thanks a lot for your help with putting the info in the individual pages. --Umuzu (talk) 12:38, 24 September 2016 (EDT)

Hey, I noticed you reverted my addition of the involved quest for the Terror Knight page. I made that change to emulate the Mahadeva page that also mentions that it is involved in a quest. Can you please let me know why my edit was rolled back so I can avoid making changes that aren't useful?--PotentPortentPorter (talk) 19:27, 26 September 2016 (EDT)

It's not that it isn't useful, is more that the Mahadeva page is the inconsistent one that should be removed - unless you are willing to do it for all the monsters that are involved in quests and not just do one and stop. Personally, I don't see it as being particularly useful nor useless, so feel free to do it if you are willing to do it properly, I guess. And apologies for not leaving a reason for the rollback, I always forget that to leave a reason I have to undo the edit and not just rollback it. --Umuzu (talk) 20:17, 26 September 2016 (EDT)
Also, I hope you understand the reason for the rollback, in the end, we don't have so many hands that we can take on everything that people start and leave unfinished, if we start doing something now we have to keep doing for all future updates and this is just extra work that many times is not very useful and time that could be used for something better. But as long as you think that it provides useful information and have the commitment to do it don't feel shy about changing things, if you are in doubt about how to do some idea that you may have or any kind of doubt please use the Contributor Central --Umuzu (talk) 20:17, 26 September 2016 (EDT)
I understand, I agree, and I appreciate the explanation. Thank you! --PotentPortentPorter (talk) 22:39, 26 September 2016 (EDT)

I was wondering how you were able to get the flavor texts? Btw, there's lots of things still needing to be update, I've made a list in Category:Pending Release of what needs to be done, hope you could help in there as well! thanks! --Chippou (talk) 21:10, 29 September 2016 (EDT)

If you can see the icon of the item you can generally click at it and see the flavor text - this includes shop lists, crafting lists and TM rewards in the unit page. For skill effects you can just check reddit wiki and gaym wiki, for in-game guides (material, equipments, recipes), well, to some extent you can check them on gaym, but global-exclusive stuff it isn't possible to check and sometimes they move event stuff to the bottom of the list even if they originally had a slot (e.g HP+15%), so it might be better to wait to check them in our version. In any case, I am kind of busy these days, but later I will try to go through the list and see what I can do --Umuzu (talk) 22:14, 29 September 2016 (EDT)

Confirmation Needed[edit source]

Category:Confirmation_Needed - removed unneeded links just as you wanted. Hopefully everyone who updates each link, will edit and update all necessary pages as well [ex. (for an Ability -> Ability Materia(if equippable), Special Abilities (passive or active), unit page), (for an equipment --> category:weapons/armors/accessories, individual wep page, equippable units page, tm reward page, etc)] --Chippou (talk) 00:40, 4 October 2016 (EDT)

File:Gacha-Noctis Arrives!.png[edit source]

I have the banner picture. Can I post it? Ulkka (talk) 11:35, 19 December 2016 (EST)

I am honestly not sure about what we are going to do with the Summon page. but if you want to feel free to update the summon banners there, just make sure that you have the image with a decent quality (see How to data mine if you don't). For news we are not doing this anymore so not needed. --Umuzu (talk) 12:12, 19 December 2016 (EST)

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm having trouble extracting the item icons to upload the TM icons, but I'll be sure to keep what you said in mind when creating future unit pages.

Zoldaad quests[edit source]

I added the Zoldaad quests that I could find to the Quest List, but I'm not sure about the "Priority", so left that empty. --Alturin (talk) 21:21, 1 January 2017 (EST)