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Wyvern Lord

Wyvern Lord
Wyvern Lord
Race Dragon
No. 925

An elite type of wyvern. These wyverns are very intelligent, even among dragons, making them a greater threat to humans. Areas plagued by wyverns have had many large-scale hunts conducted, but none have succeeded as the wyverns would avoid the traps set each and every time.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Location Lv HP MP Exp Gil
Varved Wharf - Sly Pterosaur
Boss Battle
47 250,000 13,000

Resistance [edit | edit source]

Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
+100% - +100% - +100% - - -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null null null null null null null null

Loot[edit | edit source]

Drops Steal
- -