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Yuna's Clothes

Yuna's Clothes

Clothes that once belonged to a summoner from the faraway world of Spira, a world in which summoners are deeply respected and revered as those who bring peace to the land. The summoner who once wore these clothes is said to have always kept a smile on her face despite being burdened with a great fate at her young age.


  • Type: Armor (Robe)
  • Stats: DEF+32, MAG+44, SPR+78
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: Fire (+20%), Ice (+20%), Lightning (+20%), Water (+20%)
  • Additional effect: Summoner's SoulSummoner's Soul
    Summoner's SoulSummoner's Soul
    Increase EVO MAG (20%)

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Super Trust Master Reward